Preventing a rash from Dexcom sites

My daughter has been getting a mild rash from the tape on her Dexcom sites. We use a barrier wipe before applying the site. 

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to prevent the rash? It doesn't happen with her pump site. 

Oh, man. I'm suffering from some serious dexcom-adhesive-allergy problems. I've tried everything and nothing seems to help me. I've only worn this sensor for 3 days and already have nastiness occurring under the tape (gross).

That was probably the least helpful response out there. I've even gone as far as calling Dexcom and asking for help and they're response was completely worthless. "Uhh... I'm sorry. I've never heard of this happening before. There isn't anything you can use, that I know of, that won't interfere with the readings."

Sooo..... good luck. Let me know what you find.

I found this C

A seemingly easier solution here. Silesse, made by Trio Healthcare products

Hmm. That seems like a plausible solution. Have you tried it yet? I might consider contacting them....

I can't find Silesse yet. I requested a sample but haven't heard from them yet. I tried one IV 3000 barrier and it didn't help much. Now I have to try two of them together like she did and cutting down the adhesive area on the inset.

My toddler would get terrible rashes under his skin. I tried everything, and the only thing that worked was putting a Johnson and Johnson tough pad under the site. (They cost about $1 each on Amazon.) We cut it out the same shape as the adhesive, and put a hole in it for the sensor wire. We then take the tape off the sensor, and then apply it directly to the tough pad. We also only clean the site with soap and water (no alcohol - that was making it worse), apply skin tac (in a circle - we don't wipe over injection site), apply and inject sensor, and then tape over it with tegaderm. (We do not cut a hole out on the tegaderm - both my husband and I work in wireless technologies - no way it will interfere with the receiver - don't care what dexcom says - we have never had an issue.) The tough pad isn't nearly as sticky as it needs to be for my toddler, hence the skin tac and tegaderm. The tough pads are also nice because it's a hydrocolloid bandage, so it really protects the skin underneath and helps with the healing process. In between site changes, we moisturize regularly to speed healing and get that site back. Good luck.

I found an online store that sells Siless so I  ordered some. I will try these J&J bandages when I get a chance.. I tried tow IV3000 patches together and they alone caused a rash. Luckily her insulin insets don't bother her yet.

DIabetes Sucks.

I received the Silesse and applied a new site to my daughter. I ordered both the wipes and the spray. I think the spray looked like it left a heavier film. So far so good..2 days. It smells like WD-40 at first but when it dries there is no odor that I noticed.

3 days and no itch. Without Silesse she would have removed the site by now because it would be itching like crazy.

That's awesome. I tried a couple adhesives that claimed to be "hypoallergenic" to no avail. Even though the Dexcom is an amazing tool, I've already decided to save the money and stop using it. For me, the pain in the ass is not worth is. I'll have to be my own Dexcom :o) I know someone who could use it more than me anyway, so I'm passing it along to them.

By the way, thanks for all your posts, Terry. I appreciate the help. I'll the info along to the next person who gets my Dexcom in case they experience similar things.

I think this is a real common problem from what I have seen elsewhere. The Silesse still seems to be working this morning. I did not use an alcohol wipe before because I fear that might contribute to the irritation.

It has been 7 days and the Silesse worked great. Not even a hint of irritation.

I have had success resolving Dexcom adhesive rash with over-the-counter hydrocortizone cream (1%).  Interestingly, the rashes first started after removing a sensor.  I've noticed that when the rash is inflamed on an old site, the irritation will be greater under the current site as well.  In applying hydrocortizone on an old site, the current site irritation resolves as well.  Once the inflammation is calmed down, I can go weeks with no issues.

Now on our second sensor with Silesse. This one has been in for 5 days and still no problems. It is hard to believe actually what a difference it ha shade so far. WIthout it she tore the sensor off after three days.

Hi, Terry. I've been slacking on blood testing and decided to try the Silesse. I just ordered it yesterday - shipping is ridiculous. But I'm hoping it works. After your praise, I thought it could be worth a try. My CGM seems to be my biggest motivator to actually checking. Crossing my fingers and hoping it works!

i am about to put another site on my daughter. She too the last one off yesterday after 10 days. Still no rash. There was an imprint of the site into her skin but that is all she could complain about. This last site I use a wipe and it was still okay.

Just throwing this out there because I'm sure my daughter isn't the only one with this problem. Her rash with Dexcom got progressively worse with each site. We tried many times, many different things. Well, a few weeks ago she decided to get her ears pierced, and she got the EXCAT same rash all over her body within hours of the piercing. Diagnosis, metal allergy. So she's allergic to the actual Dexcom sensor, and there's nothing that can be done about that.

The metal in the jewelry in nickel causing the problem. It is fairly common to have an allergy to nickel. Inexpensive jewelry has a thin layer of gold over the nickel. The gold isn't thick enough to provide a good barrier from the nickel.

The sensor in the Dexcom is made of platinum and silver. They are fairly hypoallergenic.

My daughter's reaction is the exact same shape as the adhesive so I think there must be something in the adhesive causing the problem. If I put a good layer of Silesse on first there is no problem.