Preventing leg cramps during excersiseThis

This past summer my son had a lot of trouble with his legs cramping after playing baseball.  He never had trouble before being diagnosed.  He had been drinking Propel, then I realized it does not contain electrolytes, so we went back to gatorade. This helped but at night he would still get really bad cramps.

Thanks pam for the advice. I am very involved with sports and i get cramps DAILY!

I was actually looking for more advice, but I think the electrolytes definitely help. What sports do you play.  My son has basketball starting next week and I am afraid that he'll be having leg cramps frequently as well.  I think staying hydrated is important too.

Pam ~ Staying hydrated is definitely important.  Also, does he stretch after his warm-ups?  I'm a runner and was having a terrible time with cramping in my calves.  After doing some stretching after my warm-up and after my cool-down they eventually went away.  Maybe have him try that, but he has to keep it up.  If he stops the stretching the cramps will come back.



Look into something called sport legs, its found at your higher end bike or running stores, maybe even a GNC.  The cramps may come from something known as lactic acid build up, as Gatorade helps is somewhat high in sugar.  Sport legs is pills, I tried them on my long bike rides and it helped me a lot, it wasn't to much money either...Good Luck


Well my thought when I had happen was dehydration, but I was talking to a PA at my endocronolgist's office and mentioned that I am both taking an ACE inhibitor and Caduet and was told that the Caduet did cause the leg cramping and back spasms in my case.  It still occurs but not as severe as my blood pressure and cholesterol is becoming more stable and I can reduce the dosages.

Having been a runner for more than 20 years, type 1 for 38 and working as a massage therapist for 20 years and having been paid by Reebok to work with their athletes, I can share some info with you about electrolyte replacement.  

It is possible that your so is having lactic build up in his legs. People living with diabetes tend to have some dehydration issues even when we work at it.  Additionally, some thoughts on Gatorade.  When I was running around to high profile events, I met the Sr VP from Gatorade who was a responsible for formula.  What she shared with me was great information.  If you buy the premixed Gatorade, the preservatives in the mix reduce and often cancel the electrolytes available.  If you use the powdered mix it will give you more electrolytes.  

For those of us living with diabetes, it is important to know that sugar takes a large quantity of water to digest or break down the sugar.  So if your son is drinking premixed gatorade you maybe leaving him with little electrolyte replacement and he is having to drink more water to breakdown the incredible amount of sugar involved.  

Another option maybe smartwater.  It is simple distilled water with electrolytes added with no sugar or preservatives.  To make it more palatable for your son, add a favorite juice like apple, orange, cranberry to the mix.  Have him drink half the plain bottle before he plays and mix in the juice for the rest of the time.  This way you have more control over electrolyte replacement and how much sugar is being injected.  If they squawk about the fact that it's not gatorade you can tell them, most professional athletes prefer this over the paid endorsement from Gatorade.