Print Making Bloody Mistake

I just membered a very odd/funny/painful experience from Intaglio Print making class.

Intaglio/ etching is were you use a zinc plate, apply asphaltum, and draw into it the reverse image of what you want to print. In order to etch the plate you place it in Ferric chloride acid to etch into the exposed plate. Simple enough. Well as it turns out our teacher didn't teach safety in class, he would just put his hands in the acid to pick out the plates!

I was like "No way," Only problem was that I am allergic to latex so I couldn't wear the latex gloves to protect my hands. The only other thing that I had were vinyl gloves.

So I was picking my plate out of the acid and I looked down at my fingers because they stung- the finger tips of my gloves were turning red! I took off my gloves and whimpered, old finger priks were eaten open and blood was oozing down all of my fingers in a slow steady stream. Gruesome!!

Needless to say, I didn't have to touch anything in the acid etch room after that show. =) When ever I needed my plates taken out some other poor soul had to come and get them out, nice!

Ouch! I love etching, and never had to deal with that part of it. Latex gloves protect just fine. I can see the humor, though, once you got over the "I am living in a horror movie" thoughts. Smart girl to use it to your advantage to make slaves of your sympathetic classmates.  :o)  The glass is half full... the glass is half full...