Pro cgm

hey guys! got my pro cgm on today. so far so good!! :heart: it. :smiley:

OK, so last night the tape started to come off a little bit around the edges and when I slept on it, it went back into place. Is this normal for CGMs?

Hello Amanda, i’m new to this site and see this was posted some time ago. However, just Incase you’ve not found something that helps ensure your cgm stays in place…
I am an Omnipodder, my husband a FreeStyle Libre 14 day user. We have found adhesive isn’t always great if you’re active etc. We now use Skin Tac. It’s an adhesive for skin. It is fantastic, but like contact cement it sticks immediately, no repositioning! We can’t recommend it enough.
It’s not super expensive and lasts ages. I transferred a bit to a tiny travel size bottle, so not bulky to fit in my diabetic bag. There are a few brands avail. Personally found Amazon more cost efficient. $12! Hope this helps. Good luck with your cgm.

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