Problem with pump sites

i don't really get this but....when i got hooked up on saturday, i used the right side of my back(love handles). when i changed my ratio during the day to 1.2 from 0.9, my blood sugars balanced out and were on the higher side of single digits(between 8-9 usually).

when i changed my site on tuesday at work, i moved it to the left side of my back and just a bit higher than it was on the other side. the site failed me, and at 430am i had to change it.

i kept the site on my left side, but moved it down, so it's now in pretty much the EXACT same spot as saturday, only on the other side.

since i did that..we raised my basal rate to 1.25...but now i'm higher in the low to mid-teens(averaging 10-14 usually, with my morning numbers starting off fine and a few 7s, 8s and 9s randomly tossed in).

i just don't get it, the corrections work when i do them, i'm doing nothing different than i was on saturday, i'm getting more insulin..but my numbers in the afternoon are getting worse.

im pretty frusterated with it right now. i realize maybe i need more in the afternoon(aren't i suppose to be taking 25% LESS insulin? cuz right now..i'm getting pretty darn close to being at the 32units of lantus i took everyday)...but why would it suddenly change in a day like that from the amount giving me decent suddenly not?!

my lovehandles are my only real choice for sites too. my thighs are more muscle than fat, and if a needle hurt there..the last thing i want is a site. the arms are too noticeable and the stomach was uncomfortable for me because of the site being so obvious. i dont really wanna do my butt, and i have to be careful where i'd put it there anyways cuz my work pants are hipsters but on the high side, and my jeans are hipsters and i know you gotta make sure the sites not getting bugged.

plus the site on my left side right now is kinda bugging me, i'm not sure if i've hit it too much or i did something in my sleep..but its sore :S

Wow Batts, that's really strange about the absorption on either side.  I've had weird instances like that, too, but I don't know what to suggest for solving it.  I know you're not supposed to change your basals unless you see constitent high or low numbers over three or so days, so I wouldn't change those yet because there is probably something else going and you don't really need to change your basals. 

As for site locations, I use my stomach and my butt, but I totally understand what you mean about the stomach being obvious.  It is noticeable, but right now I prefer it because my butt is very scarred from too many sites.  I find it really easy to forget about the site when it is right below my waistline (and there are less nerves there and it has rarely hurt me there).  I know you don't want to try it but if you need somewhere else for sites I would recommend it. 

Sites can be SO frustrating though, I understand what you're talking about.  It's pretty luck-based and takes some getting used to.