Problems at shool

I was just reading a post about how "stupid" teachers can be about diabetes.  It made me think of something that happened at school that actually cost me about $80 for a new meter.  My son had just been diagnosed about 3 months earlier.  It was state testing and the kids were not allowed to bring anything into the classroom, no backpacks, nothing, the girls had to leave their purses in the hall also.  Anyway at some time during the testing some one was in the hallway.  My son kept his meter in his lunchbox at the time.  Well some stepped on his lunchbox and broke his meter.  When I called the school and complained about his meter being in the hall they told me it was not their fault they were just following the state guidelines.  I spoke to the principal about the school replacing the meter and he told me not in a million years.  It really made me mad.  HE had a 504 in place and he should have not been without his meter.  Well this past year I went to school with a bunch of state laws concerning diabetes in students.  The principal does not like me or my son but he now knows that I am not taking any junk from him anymore.  I also found out that the school was responsible for replacing the broken meter. 


I am a teacher and mom of a child with type 1 who also has a 504 in place.   The school's response was unacceptable.  You are within your rights to seek legal action. By signing the legal document the administrator agreed to honor the 504 plan. If they do anything that doesn't comply with the plan in the future, you may want to remind them of that. I would think that would make an impact. When a teacher or anyone else signs the 504, that person agrees to comply with the plan.  The 504 is a federal plan and superseeds any state testing law.

In addition to being allowed to bring the meter into the classroom, your child is actually allowed to leave the classroom if medically necessary.  My daughter's school was confused by that a couple of years ago, but the school and staff were absolutely wonderful and arranged to have a staff member escort her when she needed to leave the room.  I don't recall the reason she needed to leave, but her 504 states that she is to have an adjusted testing schedule if her numbers fall outside her target range.  It amazes me how ignorant some school personnel can be with regard to their students' needs.  I'm glad you stood up for your son and his rights.

To say that experience is unacceptable is an understatement!  The 504 is from the Office of Civil Rights.......not something administration should want to mess with.  It needs to be written into your sons 504 that he can test his BG before (and during if needed) testing, and if his numbers are "out of range,"  he should be allowed to take the test at another time.  There is plenty of time set aside for make up testing, even for the state testing.  Water, restroom access, snack availability, etc. is ALL allowed.  For the upcoming school year, you may want to consider writing the 504 yourself, with very stringent guidelines.  It also never hurts to take an advocate along with you.