Problems in school

My son is 14. He was daignosed a year ago.  It has been a very hard year for him.

He is in 9th grade. We have a 504 plan but I never received my copy of it.  I assumed they would follow it.

My son misses alot of school.  His blood sugars will be great for a week or two then he will go high or low several days in a row and it takes another week or so to get him straightened out.

The 504 plan said I could write parent notes to excuse him.  Now they say no that is the case. He has missed too much school. The teachers are not very good at communicating with me. I sent a few e-mails with no response. Well, one teacher did respond! They all have my e-mail. I never received a phone call a e-mail nothing from his teachers.

The school nurse told my son she thinks he makes his blood sugar drop on purpose. I cant believe she would say that too him. She told me that also. I tried to explain that recently his sugar drops he is with me. We turn off his pump and it takes 4-5 hours to get him up and stay up. After a few days of that he is exhausted.

Needless to say he and the nurse do not get along. He will not go to her for help now.

He has a cell phone and we text all day.  I just worry so much when he is low like this.

THe school says we have other diabetics who dont have problems or miss school.

Everyone is different and they wont believe that.

I am so frustrated!  Now I see why everyone I know with a diabetic child HOME SCHOOLS!

That is not a option for me right now. I am a single mom and I have to work.

My son is also in honors classes. He is soooooo smart! I just hate it. He feels uncomfortable in school.

They just dont get it.

I made pamplets for all the teachers the beggining of the year. The nurse said she would hand it out, I found out she did not.

It feels like they are against us.

I have a meeting next week. I have a child advocate coming also.

does anyone have a 504 and does it cover sick days?


I do not have a 504 - thinking I need to do this BEFOR we switch to high school.  Right now we are blessed to have him in private school with a wonderfull nurse and fairly supportive staff.  SO no advice - just want to say I am so sorry that you are dealing with all of this.  Has the school administrator been informed of the nurses comments about him making his sugars drop  and not handing out the pamphlet to the teachers.  I would want that looked into.

Get a copy of your 504 asap and read through it.  Do you have it written that your son can miss as much time as needed and that he will not be penalized?  One year my son missed over 30 days of school and it was okay with our district.  You can call an emergency meeting at any time to discuss your concerns.  Put everything in writing.  Make sure all of his teachers, his principal, the school nurse, and the school pyschologist attend.

So glad you have an advocate coming with you.  We have been blessed to have a good district that has been willing to really work hard with us.

We did a 504 in Oct.  It was supposed to say he had unlimited parent notes.  They just gave me the copy of it on april 21. It does not say that on there.  It  doesnt have all of the stuff we listed.  They tried to intimidate me at teh beginning.  The child advocate kept things calm.  Then had to leave part way through the meeting.  It went well. But torwards the end of the meeting the principal was saying "It may take taking him out in an ambulance to teach him to take care of himself"  I about lost it.  The nurse has them convinced he doesnt eat to make his blood sugar drop on purpose.  This is what he was reffering too. That is not what you want to happen.  He is having very low lows and not feeling them.  I'm talking 20-30s.  We tested his adrenal glands and for celiac.  Doesnt have either of those.  He goes next week to put a 72 hour monitor on him.  Hopefully this will give us some answers.  This year is almost over.  So next year I will document everything.  And will be on top of them non-stop.  They have made him feel very uncomfortable.  That should be a safe place for him to.  It is very frustrating.  They make comments like we have other diabetics and they dont miss school or have problems.

I'm glad you had the advocate there to back you.  Your post makes me so angry at your school staff.  Awful!  Every diabetic is different; everyone does not react the same way.  Ugh.  Don't stop fighting for your son.  I hope the advocate can give you some good advice to help the situation out and that you son has a better experience next year.  ((hugs))