Problems with omnipod sites

I just started on the omnipod this week and I'm really enjoying the increased freedom and the ability to fine tune my blood sugar control.  But in the week that I've been on it I've already experience a few downfalls and am wondering if anyone else has these problems.  The first time I tried putting on a pod I started bleeding and now have a massive bruise there.  Last night when I took off my pod my site literally started gushing and squirting blood everywhere for about 5 min. (gross I know--sorry about that) and now there is a small bruise where the catheter was.  And then I got an occlusion alarm from the new pod I put on yesterday in the middle of the night and my BG was 450!  I dont remember really having these problems when I was on a disetronic pump years ago.  Has anyone else experienced things like this or is it just something weird going on btw my body and the pump?  My pump rep. told me she hasn't really had these complaints before.

ow! im so sorry! im not on it but i feel bad for you! Good luck!

I have used the omnipod for about 2 years and had that blood experience only 1 time and it left me with a really colorful bruise.  I only use my stomach for the pods, just do alot of rotation.  Sometimes when I take off the pod it bleeds, but very little.  I have had occlusions a few times, less than 5, and yes it leaves you with high blood sugars.  I have also changed my pod too late in the day, and had to take it off and use my old nighttime insulin because I wasn't sure the pod was delivering insulin.  It probably was, but I was stupid enough to change it late and didn't trust the delivery.  I guess you need to find a site that works for you.  But I LOVE, LOVE my omnipod - I had medtronic paradigm pump before omnipod.