Problems with pump/meter or set?

My daughter has the Anamis one ping insulin pump and meter, she has only had it for about two months, and she was only dxd in October of 2008.  Tuesday night she changed her set, then all day yesterday (wed) she was having high readings.  We just happened to have a dr appointment, and they told us we should of changed the set after two high readings.  So when we got home we changed it.  Then last night when I tested her at 11:30 the meter said low battery, so when she got up this morning she changed the batteries, then received a error message that said to call customer service.  When she put the test strip in it started working propperly she tested and it said 394, but I had her test with a diffrent meter and it read 209.  So now Anamias is sending me another meter because there not sure what is wrong.  But my question is even after we changed the set she was running high and also this morning, now that she is using another meter she is back down to normal readings so how do you know when it could be the set or the meter or even the pump?  All of this is just so confusing.  I am alway second guessing myself, it just seems like we should have a better handle on this.  If anyone could help I would appreciate it.


Thank you, Kathy

Sometimes you just don't know and you take the necessary steps to figure it out.  Such as, changing her set and seeing if that helps.  Using a back up meter to see how far off the main meter is too.  It will all come second nature soon though.  You did great talking to the dr. about it and then also calling customer service...that's what they are there for. 

We have been using a pump for 3 1/2 years.  We have about 4 or 5 meters.  I would never be caught without a backup.  We use whichever one is handy (upstairs, car, backpack, spare, etc).  We just merge the data for our quarterly Dr visit.