Problems with the Pump Site


I have had the pump for about 9 years and absolutely love it!

My only problem is that I seem to be allergic to whatever adhesive that the companies use to get it to stick to your body. This is not just happening with my current pump site ( I use the cleo). I have used about 4 types of sites and this happens all the time.

A few years ago at my camp the nurses suggested IV3000 to put a layer between my skin and the pump site, and that worked for a while.

Nw I am breaking out in rashes again and I have switched from my stomach to my butt/hip area to hide the scars I get when I wear a bathing suit. I get very self conscious about this.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Are there any other products out there similar to IV3000? This problem makes me want to go off the pump but I love it so much! I also want to solve this problem just in case this happens when I get the DexCom CGM......

Hi Rachel,

Here is an old thread by a person who was having the same issues - a lot of good suggestions were provided here, so I hope this helps you.

Good luck!


i used to have the same problem, even more so with the cleo. i started using spray-on benadryl before i put the site in and that seems to help. the benadryl is sticky once it dries, so it helps the site stay on my skin as well. i'll even spray it on the site after i take it out to keep it from itching. it seems to work for me.  

i used to have horrible scarring with the cleo, which i don't as bad anymore now (i use animas sets now... i forget what they're called). i have problems with all kinds of adhesive, including bandaids. i hope you find some solutions!

I had problems with the IV3000 for my sensor, so I switched to 3M's Tagaderm HP.  I think the HP stands for "holding power."  The tagaderm has never made me break out or itch, and it doesn't let water into the site.  it comes in different sized sheets, and it's like the IV3000 but has sticky stuff all across the backside, so it holds better.


Try calling the pump company and telling them your problem they may have a solution for you. I am sure it happens a lot.

I have dealt with this problem since 2000. I am allergic to the adhesive on almost everything. I have not found a solution to my problem other than just dealing with it. The adhesives eat my skin like acid would. If tape is left on for more than 2 days I will have a small rash and when I remove the tape it will take skin with it. I make sure that when I change sites that I am completely away from the old one. This has made a big difference. I also use Lantus for when I am active in my sports (to prevent damage to my pump). I only use it for a few days but every now and then I give myself a break and use it for 1-2 weeks, giving myself time to heal from the infusion sets. This works out great for me and I have every intention of staying on my pump. With the little breaks I get it reminds me how much I love it. 


I had site problems with terrible, very itchy rash and FINALLY found a solution...Vistaril! I was researching anxiety meds at the beginning of the school year, I am a spec. ed. teacher, and found one that is also used for skin rashes. It worked beautifully! I don't need to take it for anxiety anymore, but still take it for the skin rash. It is a type of antihistamine, so it makes me a little sleepy, but it is worth it since I am no longer an itchy mess! It is also a cheap drug, under $10 per month!