Products for athletes

Hey! I haven't ran any kind of real road race since my diagnosis. Now post baby, and trying to get my body back I am going to do a 5K in June. (this was the suggestion of a friend and co-worker, but it sounds fun!)  What I don't know is what should I have on the run with me. Where should I put my pump ( I have an OmniPod), what about a medical ID bracelet? What kind should I get, and are there things that I am not even thinking of? Please help!!!

I am not a runner but I am an athlete and I used to wear a pump. I have a medical id necklace which is convienent or a bracelet would work well also. I always work my pump on my wasteband when working out. When I played basketball or ran track I took my pump off. You should talk to your endo becaue its possible that since you are only running a 5k that if you start the race with your BG alittle high you might be able to run without your pump or lower your basal rate. I never had problem playing basketball without my pump but long distance running is alot different. Good luck with your 5k

Thank you! I have been an athlete for a while, but a T1, for just a short time, and I am getting back to the things I love, and juvenation and all of the wonderful T1's on here have done more for me than they will ever know.