Hello my fellow Type 1s!! So I recently went off birth control because the hubby and I are TTC! Yay! I had two periods, and then now no period!! All urine and blood pregnancy test so far has been negative. Boo! lol But anyway, it has been over a month since I had a period! I spoke with my primary care doctor, and she suggested waiting two weeks and then possible taking progesterone. Any thoughts? I have done a little reading online about it. Now this same doctor also mentioned going back on birth control for 3 months after progesterone to regulate period! Umm no. Don't want to do that. Any feedback would be fabulous! :)



I've never taken progesterone supplements.  

It causes insulin insensitivity and is the main reason insulin needs increase so much in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

But as far as I know there's no reason not to try it.  You might just need to increase insulin while you do.  

I have taken progesterone many times, both orally to start my period, and as vaginal supositories during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. I have never noticed any change in my insulin sensitivity or blood sugars, so maybe it will work out fine for you too. My reproductive endo has had me do a cycle of birth control pills from time to time to start a cycle, but never more than one cycle of birth control, and never after already starting a cycle with progesterone. I always understood it to be an either/or thing. Doing progesterone withdrawal to start your period, THEN also doing a cycle of birth control would be overkill I think. That being said,

Hit return by accident… I was going to say, the time my reproductive endo has had me take progesterone to start my period, he

Geez…this forum isn’t mobile device friendly today. I am embarrassed anyone reading this thread is now getting three emails from me. The cycles I have taken progesterone to start my period, I then followed that with Clomid to cause ovulation. So, progesterone for 10 days, then period starts when I stop progesterone, then Clomid for cycle days 5-10, then period should start on its own around cycle day 28ish. If you end up having to go that route, it probably won’t affect your blood sugars or insulin requirements too much. If you continue to have irregular cycles, I would also encourage you to ask your doctor about metformin. It will regulate cycles and help with conception too. Good luck, and sorry again about all the emails!

Thanks so much! How long have you had T1D? I have had it for 17 years? How long did you try until you saw a reproductive endo? And how many cycles/months of progesterone and clomid did you have to do before you got preggo? Thanks a bunch! :)

I have been T1 for 18 years. My regular OB started me on progesterone/Clomid after about six months of wonky cycles (or lack thereof). I responded well to it, and was able to conceive after three cycles on average. I actually ended up going to the RE initially because of recurrent pregnancy loss THAT WAS NOT DIABETES RELATED (it was a blood clotting thing). After solving the blood clotting thing, we have had two healthy boys, both conceived while on Clomid and metformin (the progesterone just starts the initial Clomid cycle, then, because you are ovulating, your period should start on its own). I am also 26 weeks with a third boy, but was able to conceive with just metformin this time (I haven’t stopped metformin since I started it in 2007).

Thanks so much for the information! I have no zero Type 1 friends so this is the only place I have to connect with people who also have it! Do you mind if I ask how old you are? I am 30. What exactly is Metformin? I think I have heard of it before.

I will be 37 next month, and my boys will turn 3 and 5 before this baby is born in December. You have plenty of time! I have been active on a Yahoo group called “positive diabetic pregnancies” since before I started trying to conceive. It’s a very active group, and those women have helped me through so much! Go check it out! As far as metformin, it is a drug typically given to T2s to decrease insulin resistance. It is also given to women with PCOS while trying to conceive, and to help maintain pregnancies because it lowers the rates of miscarriage. A ton of Type 1 women also have PCOS (my regular endo says I do have it, my RE says he is not so sure, so who knows). Anyway, there is this weird connection between insulin resistance, hormones, ovulation, and even production of breastmilk. The metformin helps all of that. When I began taking it, I kept having to lower my basal rates on my pump. Over a matter of months, I was using 40% less insulin than I had been. Those results may not be typical, it’s just what happened with me. Many of the women over on the yahoo T1 pregnancy group have reported the same thing. Most of the T1 women I know have taken it along with Clomid to conceive.

Wait, that came out wrong. Most of the T1 women I know didn’t need any help conceiving. But those of us who did need help, and used met, also used Clomid. :wink:

Thanks!! I have not heard anything about me having PCOS my whole life. But I took birth control for 12 years, and just got off it so I am not sure if any PCOS symptoms would have showed up while I was on BC. I will check out that Yahoo group! Thanks! :)