Pros and Cons of Omnipod?

I’ve been on pens and Libre for the past several months, I’m switching to both omnipod and Dex next month. I’m switching to Dex after finding my libre being inaccurate, I’d love to know what omnipod users have to say about it

Lol hey girl :joy: omnipod is awesome and so is the DeX G6

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Hi @T1and13, I switched from injections to the Omnipod Dash just last month. I also wear a Dexcom G6. The Ominipod has worked well. I agonoized over, going with the t:slim or the Omnipod and I have to say I am quite happy with the Omnipod.

For me personally, I just didn’t want the tube. I also like the fact that I can get in the pool with the Omnipod. Wearing another device has been an adjustment but not having to give multiple injections a day sure is nice.

For me the pros are that it’s super easy to change, carrying around extra pods is easy and there are no tubes. I actually like the fact that the PDM is separate. The cons are that it is a little bulky and when I wear it on the back of my arm I have to be careful changing shirts.

I was “recently” diagnosed with Type 1 (18 months ago) so this is all new to me and this is my first pump. I am defintely glad I made the switch and for me the Omnipod has worked really well.

Best of luck!

As a previous omni user the biggest down falls i saw are:

  1. Always needing the pdm with. As a guy needing to bring that many things got to be a lot/bulky. There were times i would run errands, get a bite to eat and not have the ability to bolus.
  2. Only holding 200 units. I could only do 1-1.5 days with it. on my t-slim i can do 2-2.5 days.
  3. Bulkiness of the pod also to me depends on where you wear them. Im a stomach wearer so it didnt get in the way. the few times i tried my arms it seemed like i would always be “attracted” to door ways to rub against for some reason.

been on the omnipod and dex g6 for a litle over a year now, and have nothign but great things to say about both!!! i went from a best a1c of 6.7 i believe on mdi to a 5.7 currently on my omipod and g6… i to found the libre to not be very accurate but was a great tool!!! the g6 i find to be almost dead on with my meter if i ever feel the need to test it.

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I just signed the paperwork yesterday after meeting with the CDE to get going on the Omnipod DASH. Any recommendations for adhesive to assist in keeping the pod in place? I am fairly active – running, weight lifting, outdoor activites (hiking, kayaking), etc. In this Virginia humidity, the sweating is unreal. HELP!! haha

i use the stimpatches for outdoor stuff, and for swimming i use tegaderm

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The omnipod is great my 9 year old wears it on her legs butt and stomach. She swims, rides dirt bikes, camps she does everything with it and we live in NC so we to areuse to humidity but we haven’t really had any issues of it coming off but when we go to beach we use Skintact wipes and they work great very sticky stuff though so only put it where u want it.

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I’ve been on the Omnipod for about 3 years and I do love it. Was kind of leery about changing the pod, but now can do it under 3 minutes. I’ve been on the Dex 6 for about 4 months.Got my diabetes educator to set the receiver with my cell phone app. It’s much easier, though it loses the signal a lot. I’ve come to rely on it pretty much. A few times it has woken me up, when I was low, and was sleeping through it. Whew!
Coincidentally I had a sugar spike of 382 yesterday. No rhyme, no reason as I eat the same things and times all the time. I let the Omnipod dose me a bolus, and it began to settle down. Though it still perplexes me no end, I just take the unforeseeable sugar spikes as part of the rigors of being diabetic. C’est la vie.
I’ve been Type 1 for 64 years, and have been through it all. Even remember when insulin was just under $3.00 a bottle with insurance.

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My son was diagnosed VERY early - February, but didn’t go on insulin until June, and just started carb counting 2 weeks ago - it’s all very new.

We are using the Dexcom G6. We mostly love it, but he loses connection a lot.

We are looking into pumps - Omnipod or T:Slimx2. He is 12, hoping this would give him more freedom - he also likes to sneak food, and wants to hang with friends… so the constant injections is hard.

I am new to this community and posting… so any advice is welcome and appreciated!