Pros and cons of switching to a pump

My daughter is 4. She was diagnosed almost a year ago. She was doing good at first with her shots and levels but now she wants nothing to do with any of it. She is always saying she is hungry :frowning: I know she isn’t…she just wants candy. Her doc mentioned switching her to a pump. She is very active and I am not sure if it is right for her. Anyone that young have great benefits from it? I am also going to need to send her to daycare soon as I have 2 other children and am a single mom…so a job is a must! Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

My son was diagnosed at 6 and is now almost 8. He is also a very active child. After two months of shots and his frustration with shots, we switched to a pump. The doctor was very supportive and the transition was made with ease thanks to a lot of medical support staff support. The only draw backs to a pump is the occasional faulty site insertion. My son is now more willing to eat and not worry about pokes. With his activity in the summer and at school, the pump has been a wonderful resource in maintaining stable blood sugars. A pump may allow your daughter to feel she has more freedom and a plus is fewer pokes.
Best of luck.

Our son is 7 and has been on the pump for 3.5 years. We decided to switch after doing a year of MDI. We liked the flexibility it provided and how it could provide tighter control. We went with the Animas Ping and love it. i would say the pros and cons are very important to consider especially when considering daycare and school and having a conversation with the daycare director and staff could be very helpful in your decision making process.

They will need to be actively involved in your child’s care and certain places and people may be more willing to help than others. As your child is quite young they will need to be responsible for testing & bolusing and there may be liability issues or simply fear. They will need full training if they agree to support your child & once you get to school there will need to be EA support.

It’s a battle for parents with children in school and while it gets easier the older they get with growing independence, it’s a big issue.

I would weigh the pros and cons and consider why specifically you are thinking of switching. While you no longer need to do MDI, you will be changing sites at the least every three days. Sometimes more frequently. After all this time on the pump my son still puts up a fuss especially when it’s time to rotate the location. It fails sometimes & I have to go to the school to do a new one. If the batteries run out I’m at the school again and when the cartridge runs low because I’ve been caught up in the insanity of a crazy morning with our 3 boys !!
The pump is fantastic though! The doses can be so small which is great for little guys and you don’t have to stick to the rigid eating schedule!

Whatever you choose just make sure you discuss it fully with your team. Good luck!!