Protein in urine.. 16 weeks

Just got a call from my OB saying that there were low amounts of protein in my urine. They want me to do a 24 hour urine collection.

I had my kidneys checked out at 6 weeks into my pregnancy and everything was OK, but this has me SUPER concerned. I was just wondering if anyone else had similar issues. I feel like it’s so early in the pregnancy to have protein in the urine and I’m getting scared for my kidneys… and of course my little bun!! :’(


This happened to me as well. As long as your doc closely watches it, you & baby will be fine. Granted, I did have to spend most of my pregnancy in & out of the hospital because of it. I also had to see my doc at least once a week. But as uncomfortable & inconvenient as it was, it was well worth it as my baby was born healthy & he is now a smart & super healthy 3 yr old! :slight_smile:

Best wishes & congratulations!

It isn’t until your protein is high like 300+ and you have BP issues that they get concerned about pre-e.

Try not to worry too much, catching it now and keep tabs on you is a good thing! :slight_smile: I hope things go well, the protein could go down after the 24hour collection! There is a few things that can cause protein in your urine.

I had pre-e and ended up delivering at almost 37w and my son is perfectly healthy :slight_smile:

I had this from time to time too. The 24 hour urine sample, gawd! I had to do that three times overall once early like where you are and then twice towards the end. All for an abundance of caution my kidneys were fine and I did develop mild preeclampsia at the end but only at 37 weeks so they were looking to induce anyhow. Sorry you have to do it, hopefully it’s just once!