A gym recently opened up down the street from me so I decided to join.  I plan on going a few times a week and my ultimate goal is to build muscle mass and get toned.  To help in the process I was looking to take some sort of whey protein powder.  Has anyone else taken any protein supplements, etc. to help build mass?  If so, what kind/brand do you use?  Also how safe is it for diabetics?  I've heard different things, but I was hoping to hear from someone that has used it with success and no problems...thanks!


The last time I went to GNC, the sales guy recommended a protein powder made specifically with zero carbs - it wouldn't mess with blood sugars that way.  I just looked it up on their website, and it's called Nature's Best Perfect Zero Carb Isopure.  Something to consider, anyway!

I have a couple of responses from our resident power lifting champion Ginger Vieira from when I posed ?'s regarding post workout proteins:

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The problem with Muscle Milk is that it has a ton of fat in it.


Fat slows down the absorbtion of the carbs and the protein.


You NEED carbs most importantly right after a workout, so that you fill your glycogen stores and your muscles don't eat away at themelves but instead GROW from aminos, carbs (and the insulin!).


A protein shake that is WHEY and low-carb and low fat PLUS a good source of carbs like oatmeal, sweet potato or Ezekial Bread, some people buy Waxy Maize and mix it with their shakes because it is absorbed really quickly.


Either way, you're looking for at least 60 or so grams after a workout and combining it with protein, not fat.




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A protein powder with a nutrition profile like this:

And here is some waximaize (corn for quick carb absorbtion!).


At the moment, I don't take any supplements because I don't want the water retention from the creatine for my weight-in at my powerlifting meet next week!


however, creatine and glutamine (3-5 grams of each before your workout) is a plenty. If you want to get into tons of different supplements, there are tons to take to help this and that, but those are the good basics!





I took a basic creatine monohydrate supplement from GNC for a while with no issues and was pleased with the results. A lot of people recommend taking it with a sweetened drink because they tend to taste terrible.

I know Ginger is probably going to yell at me for this one.....

Post workout I have been taking: XXL (premixed drink) by ABB (American Bodybuilders)...  It has a quick 1000cal, 200 carb, 60 pro if I remember right and almost no fat.  The major problem is the serious carb load!!! 

I wish I could find another way to get in serious calories post workout.

Any ideas anyone????

I was looking at American Whey Isolate or Isopure because of the lack of carbs but I don't know much about this stuff.  I'm going to my endo next week so I'll ask him about what he thinks of me using anything but I figured I'd get some ideas and see what everyone's doing on here first