Proteins and weight loss

hello fellow diabetics.


i need A LOT of help. i am type 2 on insulin.  i have been trying to lose weight for God only knows how long.  i was told that when one is on insulin it it almost impossible to lose weight.  i excercise 3 - 4 times a week.  i was just told not to eat cold cuts due to the salt content.  anyone have any suggestions on proteins to consume instead of cold cuts.  i eat very few carbs.  basically i have carbs only to treat a hypo


thanks Bruce

cured cold cuts and "loafs" are usually +30% fat and have salts, however, fresh turkey and chicken can be a better alternative depending on how they're prepared.    Insulin alone isn't going to make weight loss impossible.    can you get in touch with a CDE (diabetes educator) or a nutritioninst?  good luck.

Hi Bruce,

Some great lean proteins include egg whites, beans and legumes, skinless chicken breast, and meat substitutes like tofu, soy protein, and seitan.  For snacks, try low fat or fat free string cheese.  Good luck!


It's a misconception that insulin causes weight gain.  Insulin just processes the calories you eat.  It can't create fat out of nothing.

I think it's tough to eat healthy, without spending a lot of time planning, buying the right foods, and preparing them.  Weight Watchers has helped me eat more produce and make me aware of protion size.  I've also learned to not let myself get hungry, so I'll eat an apple on the commute home from work so I'm not ravenous when I get home.  Try to find something that works for you.  

Eating low carb is better for your blood sugar because you'll need less insulin and won't have the blood sugar spikes caused by carbs.  It's hard to eat low carb in the real world though.

Joe's advice to meet with a nutritionist or diabetes educator is good.  The struggle you're having is common.  Don't be discouraged.