Proud Parent

I have been on this site often, in fact it has helped me often. It has helped me to vent, with questions, with concerns, basically everything! But today, I just wanted to reach out to the other parents and say one good thing, and to share with you. I THINK MY DAUGHTER HAS REACHED A MILESTONE (even it is small). This weekend she was across the st. playing at her friends house. Usually she will come home and say they are “eating this or that” I will assist her with insulin & the whole routine (I always provide a snack for her, she feels apart of things) she will have her insulin at home and be off again and usually take her snack back over to eat with friends. BUT this time- it was different! She called ME asked if I could BRING a SNACK TO HER! She didnt want to leave, her little friends were all supportive and did not even flinch when she checked her BG or when she gave herself an injection! She did amazing, she had no tension in her face in fact she did it giggling while talking with them. In front of these neighborhood friends she was at ease!!! I stood there watching, I seen for the first time that these two neighborhood girls really dont see my child any different, and that the parents of these were also comfortable with it as well. this was the first my child has done that! I felt hopeful.

That is a grand, BIG step - congratulations to her and to you for the support and encouragement you give her.
From here she will move forward and accomplish much - this is a major step in her self-management.

I really enjoyed your post.
It is important to celebrate the “wins” in all aspects of life.
I know that over the past few years, supportive friends have made a huge difference in my son’s and my comfort and security when he is at others homes.
His 3 best friends showed up to surprise him and walk with him this year at the JDRF walk.
That is major solidarity when you consider they are all under the age of 14.
Your daughter sounds like she has smart and inclusive friends who will support her.