Puberty, middle school, and denial? after 8 years with diabetes

I am having difficulty communicating the importance to my 12 year old daughter of taking responsibility for treating her diabetes. Diagnosed at the age of 4 it's the only life she remembers. On the pump for 3 years, we have just recently had to go back to shots due to a lack of responsibility.  Although there have been close calls, we have only had to visit the emergency once during the last eight years due to diabetes. Because of that and her Dr's not wanting to "scare" her, I feel she really doesn't understand the consequences of her actions relating to diabetes. I am wondering if there are any parents that have gone through similar situations that would have any idea's or suggestions for me to help my daughter.

Karen - you may want to post this on the general post to get input from T1s that have lived thru what your daughter is going thru. I think they share some great perspective. you could also search for the threads on 'stupidest things', how long people have gone with out testing, lieing about BGs, etc. to find some of those T1s that have had D for a long time.

I am sure it is rough, to go thru. I hope you are able to find a solution that works.


Hi,  It's Karen. I had to set up a new account....Thanks for the advice I'm very new here!