Puberty Sucks

I have no idea how to get any sort of control over Riley's numbers. She will be doing ok then will have a weeks worth of over 200's up to almost 400! Its random tho her body doesnt seem to be on a certain cycle just a while of ok then a week of bad. This is only the second time its been like this so maybe after another cycle I can get a better idea of how her timing with this is. She has not started her period thank goodness but her body is reacting and getting ready for one. I just want to cry because she is only flipping 9 and I have no idea how or what to do with her insulin ratios during thins time. We dont have insurance right now so I cant call anyone to ask. I applied for chp+ and they denied us for not finishing the application process but I filled the stuff out and never heard back from them until that letter so I dont have a clue what they are talking about. I have to call today and see what is up with that. I guess I am just frustrated with it right now feel like I am not doing enough for her. Last night at 8 two hours after eating she was 150 so yay to that after being around 350 almost all day long. Then I test her at 9 and she is 225. She goes up every night between 8 and 9. I give her her levemir at 8 but I know its just not lasting her 24 hours. I think we have to break it up but I am worried about doing that on my own without a docs ok. Ok now I am just babbling no real questions here just need to vent a little so it doesnt build up.

Hormones do suck.  Even at 36 I still have a difficult time with them.  You're also still dealing with growth hormones so her resistence is going to be that more wacky.  I'm on the pump so about 5 days before my period I have to increase my day time basal so you're probably correct in thinking that her levemir has to be increased or broken up.  I don't know enough about levemir to make any suggestions but sometimes I think it's ok to make minor changes without a doctors ok. 

Yeah I make increases or decreases on my own her DNE said I could cause I went in knowing what I need to last time. I didnt get to make my phone call today because I ended up spending the day with my boys in their autism room at school. So tomorrow I have to make my calls to get them covered so I cant get her into a endo.