Pulling Out Pump Site in Sleep

My mind is very active, even when I am asleep. Recently, I’ve felt skin irritation where my pump is connected to me, which prompts me to pull my pump out in my sleep. When I wake up, I’m disappointed to find that I actually pulled it out and it wasn’t just a dream. Has anyone experienced this? If so, how did you deal with it?

Hi Corinne @SilverFox1111,
I can relate to your very active mind while sleeping - sometimes when I awaken I need to figure out actuality to dreaming; I get up about 3 AM to check my BG and sometimes when I awaken I have a vivid memory that I already did a BG check - until I look at my notebook and see nothing written down.

In all the years that I’ve been using a pump, I think I’ve only actually pulled out the infusion set two times and one of those times was this year when I had to switch site location from my abdomen to bicep. I solved that by making a “sleeve” of tube-bandaging that covers the set. When first pumping and using my abdomen for infusion, I got a velcro waistband with carrying pouch for my pump and positioned it over the infusion set; wearing this also served to keep the pump and tubing contained so that it wasn’t bothered by any activity.

A suggestion, be creative. If you get a chance, share how you solve your “problem” with us.

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