Pump Accessories

I will be starting on a pump in September. I am still not sure which pump I am going to choose, but I am doing my homework. I am excited to get on the pump, but I am also a anxious about giving up the needles. It sounds silly, but one of the things I am anxious about is wearing the pump--where do I attach it for dresses, slim-cut pants etc. I know there are bands to put around your thighs, calves and for your bra. I want to get a few of these things ahead of time so I have some options for wearing the pump right away. Any suggestions on what accessories are must-haves?

Although you will always notice where your pump is hidden, the untrained eye who is not looking for it will never notice it. I often just place my pump inside my tights if I am wearing a dress and the leggings hold it firmly in place. I have also altered dressed so I can easily reach inside and pull it out without having to reach up my skirt (because that looks a little silly.)

Sorry, I've never owned any of the accessories so I can't tell you much about what is on the market.

We got a few pump holders on e-bay from this store  http://stores.shop.ebay.com/PUMPN-IN-STYLE__W0QQ_armrsZ1 

Very pleased with the quality and price.  Highly recommend and we will purchase more for our daughter in the future. I think most shown are waist bands, but they do custom waist sizes, so they can surely make the band whatever size you want, for arm, leg.


I've also never bought any of the accessories but agree that, to the untrained eye, the pump can very easily be hidden! I often keep mine in the side of my bra and don't even notice it's there anymore! 

Thanks for all your insights! I am fixating on actually wearing the pump. I have heard a number of times now that it is easy to do and discreet. I think I will change my strategy and start by wearing the pump and then figure out what accessories I might need. Thank you all for your help--I really appreciate it!

Hi Emily,

Well I've been wearing a pump for 6 yrs, recently got the minimed 722. And got 2 different holsters with the pump(which slide right onto your pants) and most people think it's some kind of pager or mp3 player. I have a leather holster and it covers it completly so it just looks like a cell phone. I also have a bra holder for my pump and I don't really like it because it always looks like I'm doing something very strange when I give in public.(I get the very weird looks from others!!!) And I just recently got 2 new holsters 1 is made of a backpack material which I wear when I don't have to wear a belt and the other is made out of a wetsuit material and it just slides right onto your belt and I love both of them. When I wear them no one knows it's my pump and they are easy to get to when I have to give or check alarms. All of them are offered through the company and all of them except for the leather one are pretty good prices.