Pump Accessories

I tried searching, but I didn't find any threads that gave websites where I can order pump accessories. I know there is a thread somewhere, even a few..but when I just went searching on the forum my eyes couldn't catch what I was looking for in thread titles.


So I'm re-starting one, haha. Sorry!


I'm starting the Animas Ping tomorrow afternoon and I hate the leather case they've sent with it.

My only requirement for sites to look at accessories is that I can have them shipped to my location in Canada(would prefer to buy from a Canadian company too so I don't pay for it going over the border!) and that I can buy stuff that fits the Ping(which is apparently only a few inches bigger than the 2020??).

I'm going to order the Thigh-It and Leg-It probably from Animas..but I'm looking for options for wearing it on my waist that aren't ugly like the leather case. I'd just leave it on the clip(which I probably will sometimes), but I want to be able to make it less noticeable when I'm at work(office job and ushering job) since that's one of my peeves about having a pump...and doesn't look like an old man crackberry case!




Well i found this amazing site called skin it and i got a cool zebra skin for my pump but you can also just go to google and type in pump accessories and a tons come up! Goodluck

i'll see if i can find it thanks :). i did try a google search but didn't really find any sites that were for people my age. came mostly across forum posts and the only links i got outta though were for really little kids(think thomas the train) or older older people.

i have enjoyed using cell phone, ipod, and camera cases. there's a lot out there, just look for what works for you!