Pump Advice?


I've been looking into getting a pump and would be interested in getting advice from other pumpers. I'm 21, have been diabetic for 18 years and have never tried the pump. My options for pumps are Accu-Check, Medtronic, and Animas. I've recently talked to reps from each of these companies and they all make them sound great. Any advice or feedback would be great!

Hi Orangina,

Congratulations on your decision to move on to a pump.  I have been living with diabetes for 36 years, but just started with my Animas 2020 at the end of last year, about 7 months ago.  Personally, I love it!

Considering that all of the pumps available are good products, to my knowledge, here is my only piece of advice for making your decision:  Take a long, hard, analytical look at your lifestyle, habits, routines.  Then consider the different options that each pump has to offer.  This way, you will be making your future pump fit with your lifestyle...  and not the other way around!

Good luck!

I have to agree with Nads, you truly need to look into everything that is out there pump wise before you commit and know the positives and negatives of each pump. Traditional pumpwise the best two on the market come from Animas in the form of the Ping and from Medtronic in the form of the Paradign 522/722. I truly do not know much about the accucheck nor has it come up on the forums often so I cannot comment on either. As for the non-traditional there is the omnipod system. Gina has a comparison of the various pumps out there and there are sites that try to give a better comparison than the manufacturer websites try to do.


I have the medtronic pump right now, but also have sitting in a box the Ping awaiting training. They are both great systems and either works amazingly. The Ping has features the medtronic pump does not such as the meter can also control the bolus dosing and it has a color lcd display, can give a smaller basal dose if necessary. The medtronic pump can hold more insulin if necessary, has the ability to be integrated with a CGMS system that medtronic offers, and can also be controlled by a remote if you want but it is a separate accessory and costs over $100.

The omnipod is a tubeless pod that sticks to your skin and is controlled by a PDM which is also your meter, like the ping. They just updated their PDM to a better functioning device with a color screen and other things as well. What is nice about the omnipod is that the pod is on you and you are not tethered to a pump with the tubing. It holds roughly the same insulin and lasts for three days before you need to change it. Right now the main complaints I have heard tend to be that the pods don't always stick (happens occasionly and infusion sets for the other two pumps can fail as well) and they can be bulky as well. The good news is that omnipod is in the process I have heard of shrinking the pod size down by as much as 40% and that will happen sometime in the next 6 months most likely.

Neither the Ping nor the Omnipod have the integrated CGM system that medtronic has however both companies are working with Dexcom to come out with the integrated system in the near future as well.

There are other things out there as well. But these are some small things. On the forums you are sure to run into many people who may be overly enthusiastic about their pumps and tell you why theirs is the best. In the end the decision is yours and you need to look at what the best option for you is as well.

It is important to note that the Animas Ping is not yet available in Canada.  When I settled on my Animas 2020 at the end of last year, they told me the Ping would be coming out in Canada some time this year.  We're now half way through the year, and nothing yet..........

I could be completely off base, but I don't believe that the Omnipod is an option in Canada either......

I have had a pump fpr 9 years now and have had Minimed every time. I don't know much about the others but i loved their customer service, their reputation and length of time in the field. I also have my 4 year old on a Minimed paradigm as well. I am sure they are all great though, You need to weigh the options on each of them and see what best fits you. Once you have one, you'll never want to give it up!!! Good luck.

Ask for a saline trial!  The Animas rep for my area is letting me borrow a pump for a week just with saline to see how I like wearing it and play with some of the features.  I don't think Accu-Chek or Medtronic do this, but I would ask for sure!  I'm from Canada too so it's not just something they do in the states.

Medtronic will also let you do a saline trial. That is the best way to truly know if you will like having a pump.

i have a minimed and i love it! i use the cgm sometimes and its been very accurate.

i was looking at animas and thought i would get it before seeing and trying out each of the pumps but i thought minimed was easier to start with. i heard someone say, i think it was my dad, that as soon as animes comes out with a cgm with their pumps, minimed will be in trouble because then they will have the same features but animes would also have a food storage thing and a colour screen.

I've been on a Animas pump for 3.5 years, getting ready to upgrade to the Ping in December which I'm gathering information on it right now to see how it will work.  My diabetes educator wheres a ping and she loves it.  Once you get your pump you will never be able to live without it.  

Hi Orangina,

I have an animas pump and it is wonderful! It is the best thing that has happened to me since I was diagnosed. I have only had diabetes for 2 years but I have only had to take shots for like half a year. It is so great having a pump. It's like you have more freedom! It's like you only have to take a shot every three days!



I forgot that when you go to choose your pump you will get to wear an infusion site also and you will get to try the pump with Sailine (spellcheck). I think that all the pumps are great but I chose the animas because it has a color screen and it also has a food list already installed with the carbs and everything.




A couple of other things to consider with the Ping and Omnipod, I think.  The Ping and Pods are both water friendly which if you're a swimmer nut like me is a big plus.  Also, the new Omnipod PDM downloads to the same software as the Navigator so while the Dex/Navigator integration isn't there yet with the Omnipod (they are planning both), the data is integrated out of the box at this point.  Also, for me having the separate units works well because I pop my Nav into a GPS windsheild mount while I drive and leave it lying in the kitchen when I'm home (my wife likes to push the button and  see where i'm at while i'm puttering around doing things)... These may not be considerations for some... but I thought they were worth inserting in with the wonderful information you provided...




I think Alyssa will thank me for being thorough and checking on some of these posts I had missed... <EG>


A-D you are right about that, I thought I had mentioned the water proof thing but my brain is not always sharp and when I was writing the review I was trying my best to give an unslated opinion of what is out there. I am really excited about the waterproof part though since I do like to swim and the fact I can still wear my pump while swimming is nice, granted I still plan on removing it when I shower. I did not know Omnipod was working on the integration with Navigator at the same time as Dexcom, that is interesting news for me to know. Thanks.