Pump and CGM

Hello everyone. I’m working on trying to finalize my pregnancy planning. My A-1 C has dropped from 7.2 to 6.6 and I have started taking prenatal vitamins . I am currently on Lantus and Humalog. I have done lots of research on pumps and CGMs. Based on my findings, I am looking at the animas ping and the dexcom g4. Due to insurance reasons, I’m not looking to buy until January. The animas vibe which integrates with the dexcom G4 is currently pending FDA approval in the US and is expected to be available late 2013 or early 2014 . Any comments or recommendations on pumps and CGM’s is appreciated.

Hello! I use a Medtronic pump! I have a Medtronic CGM. I love Medtronic! I have used them since I had diabetes, which was 17 years ago! :)

I love my Medtronic pump and my Dexcom G4 CGM. I hated the Medtronic CGM, and even nick-named it “the random number generator” because it really seemed to have random numbers. This was a couple of years ago, so they may have improved their accuracy since then I guess.

My Dexcom is usually within 5-10 points of my meter, I love the long range of the receiver, and the fact that the alarms for highs and lows are different. I have only been using it since the beginning of my current pregnancy in March, but I cannot imagine my life without it now! Good luck with your decision!

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I have a minimed pump that is not the continuous glucose monitor, I've heard the current one out is awful. But, they should be releasing a new pump that should have all the kinks worked out. Minimed says anyday now, so hopefully soon! But I do have the dexcom as well and I love this thing. Honestly, they didn't send me a shipment once and I went a week without it and was like a lost puppy. It's incredible how it can show you everything and generally it's spot on.

I use a Minimed Paradigm pump and it's CGM. I love this pump and at first hated the sensor but not that I've learned some tricks to make it work better it's not too bad. I've never used the Dexcom but have heard good things about it. The new Minimed Vio pump and sensor just got approved and will be released within a week or so from what I hear and the sensor seems much more accurate and user-friendly from what the website says. I have played around with the Animas Ping pump before but I didn't like it at all. It wasn't as user-friendly and I didn't see any advantage over using it over the Minimed. I will be upgrading my pump soon because it is out of waranty but one I'm looking at too is the new T-slim touchscreen pump. It's only been out about a year and I feel nervous to go with something so new but it looks like a nice little deal. I would get the Dexcom with it if that's the way I go. Apparently T-slim is working out a deal with Dexcom to combine the technology in one device but that won't happen for a few years. Anyway, good luck and hopefully this helps!

I'm not a fan of CGMs because they take up skin that I need for pump infusion sites.  Plus you still have to test your blood.  

But a pump is invaluable for pregnancy.  It allows you to react quickly to all the blood sugar changes and insulin increases that pregnancy brings.  With a pump and normal blood sugar testing I had a 5.1 A1c when pregnant with no severe lows.  I don't think a person can do that with shots.

I use an Omnipod pump and Dexcom G4 CGM, and absolutely love both of them. It’s great not having any tubing with the pump. Nothing to get tangled in at night, nothing to carry in your pocket, nothing to take off while showering…the pro’s go on and on. I do have the rare occasion of having a bad site or an occlusion, but those are few and far between and don’t discourage me from using the pod. I started out on just the Medtronic pump, then added the Medtronic CGM, but the CGM was AWFUL. It hurt going in, it hurt while it was in, and it was inaccurate about 75% of the time. When I started on the Dexcom, it was honestly like a breath of fresh air. Hope this helps and good luck choosing!