Pump and maintaining a normal weight

Im on the MM 722 pump but I seem to have trouble maintaining a normal weight. My interconologist and my RN want me to weigh 115. Right now i weigh 108 but its really hard to keep gaining and keeping the weight on. Does anybody have this same problem?

It is hard for me to gain weight as well, but I have noticed when my control is better I can gain weight.  The best example for me was when I switched from two fixed shots a day to a much more flexible inject as needed plan.  I gained 30 pounds in a few months after weighing the same for about five years.

I was always told that an Insulin pump can make  you gain weight. I went from 130 pounds to 170 pounds in about 6 months. I believe it is easier to gain weight when your blood sugar is under control.

In order to gain weight, you need your blood sugar under control so you absorb the calories, and you have to eat enough.  People frequently gain weight on the pump because they have more freedom to eat anything, junk and all, and just bolus for it.  It is able to keep their blood sugars fine when they do that, but the calories still add up for weight gain.  If you need to gain weight, an easy way for teens to gain is to add extra juice.  It's sometimes easier the drink the calories.  Just bolus for it so you don't go high.  Hope that helps.