Pump at Disney

Hi all

We are heading to Disney next week.  We are doing the parks for 3 days and the cruise for 4 days.  I was looking at different  sites last night and a frio pump pack was reccommended.  The weather has been in the 90s in Orlando and I am going to assume hotter in Carribean.  This is our first vaca with TI.  Do you think I need to have a frio pump pack to keep the insulin in the pump cool?  I will keep the vials cool in the fridge in hotel and stateroom.  I never thought about the insulin in the pump though. 

Any Disney/cruise tipa are welcome and appreciated.  I am very nervous about taking our son!!



I don't think it's really that necessary, but what I do is just not fill the cartridge all the way and change it more often if it's really THAT hot. I've never had a problem with the insulin being less effective because of the heat or anything.

We live outside of Houston where it is alway hot and humid.  My son is on the pod and so far we have not had any problem with the insulin going bad even though it is always against his skin and it is usually 90 or hotter here.  We change his pod every three days though, so maybe that helps to keep the insulin from going bad.

well for the carribean you may want one because you will be in the water alot but as for the parks not so much

I live in Arizona, it's very hot in the summer, always 100- 110.  Even when I'm out doing something (like at the Zoo) I haven't had a problem with the insulin getting too hot.  I actually have a much harder time keeping my blood sugar up, that may be something to consider:)

i have never been to disneyworld, so i am not sure how the florida weather will affect his pump, but i do not think it will do much. i go to disneyland often, however, and i’m on a pump, and when it’s hot here (this past summer was scorching hot), i do not have an issue. also, his pump should be fine on water rides as i have never had an issue with mine. just make sure it’s in his pocket, or that he takes it off and puts in your bag for the duration of the ride…it just depends. and make sure he tests often! lows at disney aren’t any fun at all): oh…and this is not diabetes-related, but i highly suggest you get fast passes for each ride as soon as you can…then you can use them all right after each other later in the day(:
and drink lots of water!
hope that helped(:

I have been to Disney World a few times with my pump.  I had no problem whatsoever.  I do agree with the lows though.  Because of the amount of walking you will be doing, I was CONSTANTLY going low.  My preferred or easiest form of raising my bs are packs of gummy lifesavers.  You can get them easily, esp with Halloween, and the packs are the square ones that have like 5-6 lifesavers and have 15g of carbs in a pack.  They were easy to carry around and easy to grab and eat while walking.  In case you do not know this, YOU CAN TAKE FOOD & DRINKS into the park with you.  They do not care!  I didn't know this the first time we went but made sure to take stuff the next time we went.  Definitely make sure you take plenty of snacks!  Other than that, HAVE FUN!!!!  Oh and they will give you a free fridge if you tell them your son is diabetic.  If you don't tell them, they may charge you. 

Make sure the fridge isn't set too cold. I've been in hotels where the mini-fridges froze things, and you definitely don't want to have to deal with filling prescriptions on vacation.

Thank you for all of the suggestions.  I nervous about going...more the cruise than at the parks.

Thanks Again!!