Pump belts/strap/holder

I am looking to get something that will hold my insulin pump and that will keep it from not moving much while on me. Does anybody have any suggestions on what type of belt/strap/holder would work best for an athletic person and?

I use a cotton pump pouch from Angel Bear Pump Stuff. She makes them custom sized with lots of fun fabrics to choose from. I like it for sleeping, and I sometimes where one when I’m walking too because the fabric breathes.


I use the minimed pump which comes with a clip and I haven’t had any probs with that. I don’t know what pump you have but I can always come up with ideas if you need any.

If you are athletic and don’t mind wearing a belt, the SPI Belt is fantastic!! I run almost daily and have a Medtronic paradigm pump, the SPI Belt is perfect and still has room for glucose sticks or gels and a few small other things.

Thanks for all the suggestions