I'm going on vacation this Saturday, and I can't wait:) I'm going to Florida for about 10 days for a swimming "training trip". It's me and a bunch of buddies from my masters (18+) swim team.

Last year I went on a "pumpcation" for this time because...

  1. I'm in the water for over four hours a day, so I'd be missing a bit of my basal
  2. Being in the water that long 3 days in a row will probably make my site peel right off
  3. Ever have a wave knock you over, drag you through the sand, and then when you finally come up, you come up without your site? yeah. 
  4. Ahem. Tan lines.

SO! I'm definitely glad to be going off my pump. I'm just trying to get geared up for MDI again.

I was diagnosed only 5 years ago, and have been on a pump for 3, so I guess I feel like I never got that good at shots. I always would have that millisecond hesitation, and then the "oh just do it". I'd skip basal shots. I'm a little stressed because I couldn't see my endo before I left and I realize I haven't checked the humalog/lantus pens in my fridge. (Note to self, do that tonight). I like that pens seem so much simpler, I can always put on a new needle head, versus a pump where I have to put in a whole new site and is the reservoir working and is there a kink or an occlusion... But of course, now I don't have my bolus wizard!

Anyways. I'm psyched but MDI always makes me feel "sicker", and I'm not especially psyched about changing my therapy around. I guess I'll start back on MDI tomorrow when it's time to change my site.

Anyone have pump-cation advice?

Have a wonderful trip! It sounds like lots of fun.

Last year when we were at the beach, we tried to manage keeping my daughter's pump up and running. It was a failure. She was only 7 then and she loved to sit in the sand right where the waves get gentle and shallow but, it was too much abrasion from the sand and we lost every site we put in. Luckily I had brought Lantus along with us as well as syringes. A quick call to the endo and they gave us an approximate dose of Lantus to start with (20% less than her total daily basal she receives on her pump). We ended up having to back her down to more like 50% to prevent lows in the 30"s and 40's. Probably because she was physically active all day long!

Despite her having been on a pump for several months at that point, she adjusted well to going back to MDI for the week. She even went back to doing her own injections some of the time. I can definitely see you missing the Bolus Wizzard though. My daughter has the Ping so we could still use the remote meter to figure out her doses easily and just draw up, as best as we could, the dose the meter figured out for us.

Good luck and have a wonderful time!