Pump Comparison

I'm sure theres been many posts comparing the different insulin pumps already, but I was wondering if anyone has any input about the different pumps available. I was on the minimed pump for the past four years and was not particularly impressed so I'm thinking of switching to either the Omnipod or One Touch Ping pump. Has anyone been on multiple pumps before and can compare? I also have the Dexcom sensor and I know both Animas and Omnipod are in the process of getting FDA approval for an integrated system with Dexcom which is a plus for both of those pumps. Anyway, any input anyone has would be very helpful. Thanks!

I hadn't heard that omnipod might be integrated with dexcom, only animas! It might make me want to try a pump again if it were tubeless and part of dexcom!

Sorry, can't help on the pump thing.

I have heard from an Omnipod rep that they were waiting for FDA approval to be able to communicate with the Dexcom CGM, she thought that maybe early next year they'd get the approval.

All I've known was the MiniMed so I can't help with the comparisons.  However, I do go to a pump support group every month, and there's members using all different brands of pumps.  You could try and check to see if there's a group like that in your area.

Hi Katy - Like you, I've always used Minimed (12 years now).  My daughter has used Animas (before the Ping and it was nothing but trouble - I've heard much better things about the Ping), Minimed (Paradigm w/ CGM) and is now on the Omnipod since January.   We have a Dexcom CGM too.

The first thing I can say is - a pump is a pump whether there is tubing or not.  It's still a device and it's still gotta be attached to give you insulin.   

Since you know the pros and cons of having a pump with a tube, I'll stick to omnipod things I've noticed (Ellie is 10, so it's basically her dad I running the show, still).  

Pros  -

    No tube - so therefore, no need to have "thing" on your belt.  Ellie's 1st week - she came home from school stoked that she could finally hula hoop.    Who knew it was holding her back from that success.  

    Meter is in Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) - so, always have meter with you (see con)

    Waterproof - no need to disconnect to swim, bathe, etc.

Cons - 

  No tube ;-)  - can't submerge your omnipod (or any pump) in a hot tub - so being able to detach is awful nice.

  PDM isn't attached - so that means you can't give insulin if you dont' have your PDM.   In the life of a 10 year old and her parents - it means when ice cream truck comes rolling through neighborhood we can't just yell - "Elle, give 25 grams".  We have to go inside, get PDM, track her down and get within two feet of her to give the dose.  

  We are on our 3rd PDM since she started at the end of January because the screen keeps cracking.  They need to make them more resistant to damage.

  Can't disconnect - so if you dont' need insulin to swim (Ellie doesn't), or to try on outfit that might have issue with current pod placement

  The Pod is stuck on the same as a pump site, but it's bigger.  Which means it gets caught on more things.  We've had issues with the tape becoming loosened and resort to using 1/2 a Tegraderm HP tape with a notch cut out to keep the pod on about 1/2 the time.  


It's a personal decision.  Both options leave you with items you need to decide impact your lifestyle more.   Hope these items give you some things to think about to help make your decision. 

Good luck!  

Go to the OmniPod website and request a free sample.  After trying it s few days I thought it was too bulky and the adhesive made my skin itch.  The Minimed works for me but I'm a middle aged mom wiht an office job. 

Last year I also sampled a Medingo Solo (smaller tubeless pump).  They're not supposed to be widely available until 2012, but know there are better options coming if you can't find what you like now. 

Omnipod isn't available in Canada, but I'm on the Ping, and I really love it.  Being able to control remotely with your meter is a great feature, especially when wearing a dress, skirt, at work, etc.  You can still do everything on your pump too.  It was weird wearing it at first, but I don't even really notice it anymore.  I've had great customer service from Animas as well.

thanks for all of your input! this will all really help me to make a decision :)

Wow Katie, thanks for your detailed reply, this info will definately be helpful for others.  For my part, I am on a minimed, and so far I think I have made the right choice vs the omnipod, being able to disconnect is a big plus for me.  And concerning having the pump clipped on a belt, I'm sure there must be some way to have it connected on your arm, and use an armband like people who do their morning jogging with an Ipod Touch strapped to their bicep... just an idea i had while reading your post.