Pump errors?

My 2yo daughter been on omnipod for 5months since she got diagnosed T1D. Got some some POD error before 3days use. Just wondering, does tube pump like tandem & medtronic got errors too which make infusion set need to changed before 3days of use? What kind of error that occasionally happen with tube pump? Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

It’s very rare for me but I do get the occasional alert about no delivery. Chances are I inserted in a bad spot - scar tissue; or the cannula may have kinked (like an accordion) when I put it. I started taking injections in the 1960s, and using a pump and later CGM in the 90s so I’m more likely to have scar tissue than your little one - and even so I don’t hit it often.
There are some topics on the forum about the Omnipod and users have discussed issues and how they resolved them. Any pump may have an occasional issue - hopefully rare - so take a look before you consider switching.

@miMan , the very short answer is very rarely have the four tube pumps given me error messages. On average, I’ve had about one error message every five years.

Your daughter, being very small, could conceivedly get many obstructed flow errors because of her size.

@Dennis @wadawabbit Thank you for sharing your experience. Sometimes a bit frustrating for us as parents when experiencing pod errors before 3days of use. Omnipod does replaced it, but we feel we runout of insertion site. Right now, we placed omnipod on her two thigh, and dexcom rotating on upper buttock and abdomen. Cant placed it on her arm because still to small. Got 3box (each box 10pod) with upto 3 consecutive pod failed to work for 3days on each box . Even once the pod can only 24 hours. Will she experience the same issue if switch to tube pump?

FWIW, our daughter doesn’t put her Omnipod on her thighs, because she had problems with that location, too. Her abdomen, sides, upper buttocks, and arms all work well for both Omnipod and Dexcom, though. It’s tough when they’re so little — there’s just not much real estate to work with. :frowning:

We had FAR more difficulties with the Tandem than we do with Omnipod, but that’s just us. Every body is different, and you may just need to try different things to find out if they’re better for your daughter. Please let us know how it goes, and good luck finding the best solution for your little one!

I would suggest you go online and express an interest in the pump you’re considering - You will be put in touch with a rep who can tell you what areas may be best for your little one. The diabetes nurse educator at your endo’s office might have the info but sometimes the source is best.

I’ve been type one since age nine with b r i t t l e control on multiple insulin injections. In 2010 I tried the omnipod after a failure with Medtronic due to hives and degradation of skin at insertion sites. On omnipod pod went bad even going off in the Box before I inserted them. And then I had a regular delivery according to the doctor apparently that was an issue back then. I hope they upgraded it. I was pretty upset that they wouldn’t refund. I’m sorry your daughter is so young and I know it’s hard to find the right match but I hope you find it. My mom was diabetic from age four 2 age 44 and I guess we’ve all come far from where she was boiling needles. But it’s not easy and thank you for your care and love to make sure she gets the best. I did just read someone supposedly developing saliva testing but anything anyone promises usually doesn’t seem to happen. But maybe they will get something going for a change to be helpful for us and truly non-invasive.