Pump Failure

Late November 2010, when the warranty ran out after 3 years, I switched from the Minimed Paradigm 522 to the Revel. I had a total pump failure this weekend and Medtronic quickly sent out a replacement pump. If you've rarely taken manual injections for almost 4 years, it's quite a shock to go back to that! Definitely everyone should have their settings written out and handy in case of emergency. My greatest disappointment was learning that the warranty on my Revel replacement doesn't extend 4 years from the date I received the replacement (which was today), but continues from the date I received my first Revel, almost a year ago. The reason for this is that the replacement isn't a NEW pump, it's a RECERTIFIED pump! That just doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence, considering the Revel is a new system and I just had a total failure. Hopefully this pump was returned because the user decided against "pumping" and it hadn't failed and been rebuilt.

I've had recertified pumps and didn't have any problems. I had one at about the midway mark during my warranty period and it lasted another 2 or 3 years. So I didn't have any problems.


I've had many re-certified pumps, I actually went almost 10 years without paying for a new pump, so the new ones would be the one I got originaly, pos, the upgraded one, not a revel the one before that, and now my new animas. I had 2 failures, but they had concrete reasons, the first one was after a really hot day, and the second time it got wet. It should be fine, they put a whole new outer coat on it and do a whole bunch of testing on it.

Thanks for the info. Today I saw the nurse practitioner in my endocrinologist's office and she also didn't seem concerned about a recertified pump. My pump failed because the sensor that recognizes insertion of a new reservoir stopped working. Totally freaked me out!

I also got a replacement pump a couple years ago.  Frankly, it's been in better shape than the new ones I've had.  

I understand your stress though... when the replacement was sent I was expecting a new one and didn't realize it was a recertified pump.

Realize that the "re-certified pump" must be approved as usable by the FDA or they can not send it out.

Not true Dan, refurbished pumps only have to go back through the factory techs for testing and possible component failure from the company that built the faulty new pump. The FDA only has oversight responsibility and that means none responsibility for each failed pump.

It disturbed me that Minimed said "replacement" and I naturally figured they meant "new."  I felt they weren't being upfront about it. Also, when I inserted the battery they sent with the pump, there was an alert that said "weak battery." They should have at least included a new battery!