Pump for lean 6 yo

Hi all! We are about to get a pump for our 6 year old son who is very lean. We are between omnipod and the t slim with the control iq. We have researched both a good bit. Our endo gives both his approval.

We like the omnipod for being tubeless and also it seems like insertion maybe less traumatic than a tubed infusion set. We wish that the ability to pair with the Dexcom was already here (horizon)

We like the t slim for its control iq which works with the Dexcom. We are nervous about the tube and where we could put the infusion set on a lean child without bothering him.

I would love to hear what folks with experience with one or the other (or both!) think. Thanks in advance for the help!

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@JMCNEEL4 Hi Jason and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I expect that you will get lots of good feedback here - you will need to sift through the responses [and other information to your question found using Search] - and find what will work best for your son. Never easy! I began using my fourth pump January 2019 after researching all options for nine months.

Putting in an infusion-set isn’t any more traumatic than giving oneself an insulin shot - and the real positive part is that one infusion-set takes the place of numerous [for me, 18+] over a three day period. With OmniPod, you DP NOT have a choice of cannula depth or angle - it is “one size fits all”. With Tandem t-Slim x2, you have choice of several cannula lengths and angle of insertion. I use Tandem, and previously Medtronic, and I select different cannula lengths and angles for the various locations on my body; I too am considered slim.

Best wishes for your son; hope that he will have a great youth and long, happy, productive, and peaceful life. I challenge him to join the many people he will meet her who are now living in their seventh [and longer] decade with diabetes; we will learn from what he offers others as we share our success and also where we messed up.

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That’s a great move for you’re son’s long term health. Unless you think the tubing is a deal breaker, I recommend the Tandem t:slim X2 with Control IQ, combined with the DEXCOM G6 CGMS. The reason is that the Tandem is the most advanced in terms of semi-automated insulin delivery. AND it is software upgradeable. If you don’t intend to start with a CGMS at the same time, or it isn’t covered, then I would choose Omnipod IF it is not considered DME under your insurance. When you choose a device that is DME, you are locked-in to that device for 4 years. If you use FaceBook, there are user groups for a Tandem, Omnipod, and Dexcom that might help with your decision. Good luck! Whichever you choose should provide your son with better blood glucose.

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Thanks for the information and the wishes!

Thanks! I’ll look for those user groups.

We chose the omnipod for our 8year old. She was at the time quite thin. She wears them on her arms, back and belly mostly, but when the weather is nice she wears it on her thighs as well. We LOVE being tubeless. We’ve never done the tubes, but can’t imagine it being better. I’m super skeptical about letting our Dexcom communicate with her pump as it isn’t always terribly accurate. We’ve had it be as far off as 100. :flushed: highs and lows aren’t always the best. We still rely fairly regularly on finger sticks for dosing for highs or lows. I know it’s different for each individual, but we love it. Hope this helps.


My daughter is 7 and has been wearing tandem t-slim since she was 5. She is small and I was worried that the omni pod would be to bulky. We are very happy with the T-slim. And now, with Control IQ, it is even better. The tubing is no problem for her. She wears her pump in a spandex running type belt under her shirt. She is very active, wrestles with her brothers, and has never pulled the tubing out.

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Thanks for the feedback!


We also have a 6 year old and have tried both pumps. We initially chose the Omnipod for the same reasons you express interest in it… being tubeless, waterproof, etc. We had very poor results with it and had to discontinue use after trying it for 2 months due to very high blood sugars and difficult of absorption with the insulin regardless of where we placed the pump. (Which we think now was a result of the teflon cannula most likely “kinking” due to his activity level as well as a new study that has surfaced regarding the fact that the degree of error in the actual amount of insulin delivered by Omnipod is very variable in children taking small doses of insulin and having small basal rates)

We went back to shots for a year and just recently started the Tandem T:Slim with EXCELLENT results. We initially used the teflon cannula, but it kept getting kinked as a 6 year old boy is constantly running, jumping, wrestling, etc. We switched to the steel cannula and have had great results. No kinking, the control IQ has led to many less lows at night. We were worried about it getting ripped out with the tubing as well… but he has been doing all the typical boy activities without any issues. We found some underwear that have a little pocket on the side and the pump fits snugly in it when he is playing sports or going to be very active. We have used his upper buttocks area for the cannula which has worked great in a lean child and use his arms for his Dexcom as their little belly’s are too lean.

Good luck!

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Thanks!!! That hits on several of our question/worries.