Pump Hanging from my skirt

So, I had just started my new job...it was about a month after my first day and I was finally feeling sort of confident.  I was talking to the President and owner of the company in the elevator.  I stepped out of the elevator (which was full of people)...and I was trying to wrap up the conversation with the President so the doors could shut, when all of sudden my pump (which I had cleverly tucked into the thigh of my spanx underwear under my knee-length skirt) slips down, and is now hanging between my legs like a pendulum!  I looked down; looked back up at the elevator full of people and the president of the company, and just said -- Oh, that's just my insulin pump -- don't mind me! 

OMG!!!  I would have been so embarassed.  I know I've embarassed myself at work before too...I hook my pump in the middle of my bra.  During a unit meeting I started digging up my shirt to turn an alarm off.  I noticed some people looking at me a little funny  and then I realized...did I just dig up my shirt in front of these people??  I know I've had issues with some of the families I work with too (I'm a social worker).  They accuse me of trying to secretly record our meetings when they see my pump on my belt!! 

thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA. The ' its just my insulin pump dont mind me' part is the best ive heard yet...of course i wouldve been totally embarressed too!!!

thats so funny! that skirt thing has happened to me before, but i got this velcro thing that goes on my thigh and has a little pocket for my pump that i wear with dresses and skirts! u should get one LOL

Like not even an hour ago I stood up and forgot to stick my pump in my pocket. It was swinging, and the only thing I could think of was this post :P

I tried thinking of something funny to say pertaining to it. But no one would have got it :P

That's hilarious.  Were you embarrassed? 

That has totally happened to me before!!! And it always happens at the worst time!!!! Oh pump malfunctions!!

I hear you. I could write a book about pump malfunctions!  lol  

thats embarassing!!