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Well things are getting better -  I can actually attach the spring loaded infusion without looking at the video now.

Couple of questions. I received a couple of boxes of stuff (wipes etc) from Animas. One was Skin Tac Wipe Adhesive Wipes which is obvious but they also sent a box of a product called skin prep Protective wipes which is supposed to reduce risk of tape stripping. Before I got the skin tac I used the skin-prep and then attached the infusion but it seemed to actually hold less. Also, I know this questions has been asked a million times but I can't find the info. What products are out there to put the pump in that can keep from moving all around when sleeping. ?? We have had a problem with sites coming out more than usual and I think part of the problem was that skin prep stuff was not being used right.

Thanks all. 

Nothing like me with my whole week of experience helping you huh??  When we went to Children's Hospital we were told not to use the skin prep so we never have used it.  I don't know what the reason is for using it or not but we have had no problem with the pump sticking too much or too little.

I purchased a spibelt for my daughter to wear.  She wears it on her skin instead of in belt loops so that when she uses the bathroom she doesn't have to remove the belt.  The belt was designed for runners.  The pouch that is on this belt is tiny but stretches to fit whatever you put in it.  This way when the child is moving the belt holds the pump still.  She is wearing it to bed and having no trouble at all with it.  I highly recommend this.  It is also made of sturdy enough material to protect the pump.  You can go to their website and they run around 20.00.  They are worth every cent.  I don't know how old your child is but I bought the adult size for my skinny little girl and it fits her fine.

dont use the prep pads trust me i did and i could not figure out way the site kept falling out. Its soming they use in it so. i just use achuail swabs they work better and i can dangl my pump from my side and have no problem with it coming lose or fallin off.

The night thing am not much help there but all i do is put it in my pocket and wake up with it wraped around my waist. Or i take my skinny clip for my pump and clip it to the pocket of my pj bottoms and clip it to were the pump is in the inside of my pocket. the differnt products my work but its not worth the the extra $ to through in to it so. so really on th whole pump at night while sleeping i cant help  but there is what i do.

when i had that problem i started using alcohol wipes to clean the area, wait for it to try then applied skin prep(usually covered a large area encase i forgot where i had applied it haha), waited for it to dry and then put the site in.

skin prep = total poo. alcohol wipes = awesomeness

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skin prep = total poo. alcohol wipes = awesomeness


i donno dude. when i was JUST doing alcohol wipes, my sets peeled off/came out within 24hours of putting the site in. once i added skin prep to the process, they stopped completely.

ha! for me it was the opposite. skin prep made my site fall out all the time, so i switched. now they stay in their full time unless i pull it out.

maybe it just depends on wich produst u have?

I use Skin Prep, no alcohol wipes, and I have no problems...  Who knows???  One of pumping's great mysteries???