Pump holder

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where to find something that can be used as a nice looking holder for an insulin pump with a belt clip. I have never used the one that came with my pump (and I honestly dont know where it is anymore) and have always used a cell phone holder but they are getting harder to find and usually don't last very long because I do wear it about 16 hours aday (subtract sleep and shower time). Thanks!

Good Morning you can try www.medttronic.com they have several styles to choose from.



where on the medtronic website, im on it now and can't find any type of holders, just a lot of articles and information about pumps

What kind of pump do you have?  Go to their website and they should provide options for pump holders,  I have had two pumps from different companies and they offer multiple cases.  The pump I have now is a Minimed Paradigm and this is the website for all of Medtronic's accessories http://www.minimed.com/mmStore/application?origin=main_category_view.jsp&event=bea.portal.framework.internal.portlet.event&pageid=Products&portletid=Products&wfevent=sub_category_view.event&wlcs_catalog_category_key=2-PA-PARA

Good luck!

I use a cell phone holder! It looks great and it's a lot cheaper with much greater selection in style then the ones just for the pump.