Pump Holidays and Weather

2 Questions:

1. If you have been on a pump holiday before, how was it? I'd like to go on one, but I'm nervous about my BG's being out of wack.

2. Does anyone know how or if extreme weather effects our insulin when having pump? I live in Texas and as you can imagine, the Summers get really hot! I grew up in the Chicago area,though, and still visit family in the dead of winter. I haven't had any issues yet, but has anyone else? And if so, do you have any tips for keeping your insulin in your pump safe?

Hi Kim,

If you are changing your pump site every 2-3 days and changing your insulin cartridge with it everything should be fine. I live in the Sacramento valley and we have temps well over 100 F and I have never experienced a problem.

Man...that sounds like a good idea. I've never been on a pump holiday. I am assuming that you have a proportionate insulin type and usage schedule?

The hotter climates seem to bring my already sensitive to insulin system where it has gotten used to being. I have noticed when I visit family in PA that my levels seem to rise up and stay there, but that could have to do with eating out in addition to the cooler climate.

I never really knew that very hot weather had an effect until I came onto this site and started reading. I do notice changes, but I am strangely sensitive to any medication, and although I make none of my own, I react strongly to insulin...so I've been told. Anyway. Please post new updates on how you are doing a holiday. I'd like to try one of my own. I have an old bottle of Lantus and several of Humalog, so it could work...

I was going to take a pump holiday for 1 week and ended up staying off for 2 years I loved it so much. There is an adjustment period at the beginning but you can get back under control pretty quickly. I am back on my pump now, it does have its advantages over shots.

Thanks for the responses!

I change my site regularly, and haven't had problems in the heat, but I have had high's in the winter. I'm thinking it is mainly because that is when I am travelling and with the holiday foods.

I would love to not have to worry about my pump for awhile, but I also remember having to worry about if I'm going to be home or not in time to take my lantus and if I even have a disposable needle in my purse so I can take my novalog. I guess part of that comes with the age I'm at; always out with friends and doing something.

I've been on 2day pump holidays when I've waited for a new pump to come in, and my sugars where steadily high. I'm guessing that is just because of the change in routine and if I wait long enough it will go back to normal.

There are just a lot of pros and cons. Did I mention I'm prone to anxiety? I do a lot of "worrying" if you haven't noticed. I think it has gotten worse since I've had T1..


Anyone that has been on a pump holiday, did you notice any weight changes? I'd also like to lose about 30 lbs. (due it denial of having to eat well and having to work out regularly...ive had a tough time recently, but im starting to get back on track) Part of me thinks having a pump is TOO easy and thats why I eat a lot more.

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?

I took an unscheduled two day pump holiday a few weeks back. There was something about going back to my old routine which was nostalgic, but just very odd to me. I was a two shot a day person, never used lantus so I only took my humulin once in the morning and once at night, along with my humalog. I enjoyed the freedom so to say from my pump but I was not comfortable and so much more paranoid about my numbers the two days without my pump. It could just be the fact that it was an unscheduled pump break that set me off. In the end there were some nice positives, but I am not sure how often I would do that.

On a side not the unscheduled part was that I planned a three day retreat down to the shore with a bunch of new guys going into the seminary. The morning that we left I had changed my infusion site as I normally would. Being down at the shore was really hot and sweat was pouring off of my body. I lost my initial infusion set after a highly intense game of soccer. So I went swimming after I "disconnected", thats when I lost my sensor (did not think to bring a back up which could have added to my paranoia). Post swim I took a shower and put on my backup infusion set, went for a run. Came back from run, and there went my second infusion set, maybe I should have let it stick more before I took off on a run. Flash forward to the next day and my last backup infusion set, I played soccer again and a stray hand as I was running by an opponent was the demise of my last infusion set, it was still attached but not so much and I did not have any tape with me. So luckily I had my humulin with me and I just converted over to that and moved on with life. When I got back home I was so glad to see my infusion sets and sensors sitting there waiting for me to put them back on.