Pump Insurance

I am considering getting Insurance for my daughters pump from State farm 450.00 per year.  My daughter was recently diagnosed in May of this year and will begin pumping soon.  Does anyone know of any other Insurances that might be better or cheaper?  Any advise?



Is the pump not under warranty anymore with the manufacturer?

What does this pump insurance cover that would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty and/or your health insurance?


The Manufacturer does not cover Loss, Theft or Breakage like dropping or getting run over by a car etc.....

We are about to get  the pump and the warranty is for 6 months.

I just asked my State Farm guy about this last week!  My quote was $240 a year (we valued it at $6000), we are in California.  He said if it is lost than I can claim the loss on my homeowners but it would be chargable thus raising my homeowners rates so we were thinking about the additional policy as well.  I asked my animas rep and she said they are really good about replacing the pump for breakage and that breakage is pretty rare because it is made pretty durable (made out of motorcycle helmet material).   We are still trying to decide if we will insure it or not.

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)

I am going for the Insurance for the pump because if it gets lost I would have to pay for the replacement as Health Insurance would not replace it.  I am going to ask State Farm why in California the rates seem cheaper then New York.  Their response should be interesting. Thanks for replying!!