Pump not primed

so tonight, my pump told me over and over it wasn't primed. Every time, I primed a little more insulin through, and every time it would be about 5 minutes before it told me that it wasn't primed and had no delivery. the cartridge was running low (especially after i used so much to prime!), so that might have had something to do with it. Any thoughts? does this happen often? I ended up changing my site earlier than i had planned because i was too low on insulin to last the night, especially if it had told me to prime it anymore!

i had the same problem last week. i called animas and they told me it is typically a problem with the cartridge and not the insulin pump. they took down the lot number (on the packaging) and told me they would mail me new cartidges if it kept happening. after i changed out the cartridge (i ended up changing the whole site just to be safe), i never had a problem again. i was impressed with the animas customer service. she was pretty helpful and had me do a couple extra "checks" to make sure there was nothing wrong with the pump. because you just changed out your site, see if that helps. it worked for me.


I have run into that same problem with my pump as well. After the first time I got the Prime message I did that and tried again. I though ti was more the infusion set than the cartridge, but I ended up doing a full rewind and changed my Infusion Site and things were fine. I never ran into that problem with my old pump, but I truly like the Animas pump. If this is a one or two time issue that is fine. As you get more adjusted to these things you won't even think about it or worry about it.