Pump or Shots?

Hey everyone. I've had diabetes for ten years now, and am currently in a rather heated debate with myself over whether I should use shots or the pump? 

I've used the Minimed pump for 6 years, after a Disitronic pump failure sent me to the hospital. Before the pump, when I was first diagnosed, I used shots for 3 years, including the pen. Now, I'm back on shots, because I got so tired of wearing the pump and getting the tube caught on stuff, etc... My diabetes care has sucked for the last few years, and I'm trying to figure out whether I should go back to the pump, or stick with shots. I need to get healthier, and I'm at a loss at what to do. 

What do you all think? 



Hi Katie,

  I've only been diabetic for a little over a year. My body has finished all the growing(52 when dx'ed), so not any changes to deal with. I use 30 units of Lantus in the morning and count carbs. and use Novolog at 2 units for every 15 grams carbs.. I am some what careful with what I eat, mostly common sense(?) stuff ie. Salad instead of soup, side salad, no fries, etc.. My last a1c was 6.8. FYI at dx. my bs was 672 and a1c of 13.2. Hope this helps!

Hey Katie!

I have a very similar story. I am also going on 10 years with type 1 and I've gone back and forth between pump and shots since I was diagnosed. I think my pump gives me more flexibility and control with my busy college schedule and now you can get a CGM that for Minimed, which I'm in the process of getting, to have better control. As for the tubing getting caught on things, keep it tucked in your pocket. And with the pump you always have the option of taking a break for a few days and going back to shots. I go back and forth all the time! Good luck with your decision!