Pump Problems

Has anyone ever had any trouble with an Animas pump?  My daughter has the Animas Ping, sometime within the last week all the settings have changed.  We normally run 2 basal programs, #1 and #3.  Her BG has been all over the place lately so I emailed our educator all reports and just got off the phone with her.  On the reports it is now saying we have basal programs #1 #3 and #4, all of her insulin to carb ratios have changed as well as her insulin sensitivity #'s.  The BG targets were also different.  I'm almost positive that my daughter didn't do all of this on her own, it would have taken her forever to figure all of that out.  I will be keeping a very close watch on the pump settings over the next little while.  Just wondering if anyone else has ever had anything like this happen with a pump.

have you contacted Animas and asked them about it?


Are you by some chance using the software program.  I have changed the data on the program by mistake and when I uploaded it uploaded those changes also. Just a thought. 

It's really strange.  When my daughter came home from school I checked the pump and all settings were correct on it.  I then did another download and it came out to what it should have.  It's almost like something gliched when it downloaded this morning and moved a bunch of stuff over.  I will watch it closely over the next little while though.  I emailed our educator, but it was late in the day and haven't heard back yet.  They don't deal a lot with people who use Animas though.  I do know that Animas has had some problems with their program.

I guess being the age I am - and just starting with the pump - I'm not s/w savy - so with my pump basal settings, etc. I have entered them all in manually.  I then type out in a Word document what the settings all are - and keep a copy with me when I travel, etc. - just incase something goes wacky. I use the Animas 2020 though - which is like the Ping - but no remote (I could have upgraded last year - since my pump was practially new - but it would cost $800 CDN to do that - and I just didn't have that cash to flash).

Best to call up Animas - when I've had problems with my pump - their tech people are very VERY patient with me.  I keep on saying "sorry" when I get mixed up with what they are telling me, but they say not to worry.  Anyway, hope you sort things out soon, so your daughter is back on track with keeping her blood glucose level!