Pump profiles

Hi everybody !

I am currently working on Pump support in my free software (GGC http://ggc.sourceforge.net/ ) and I have come accross a question...

Do all pumps have static names for profiles or do some allow that you set the name. For example, my minimed has 3 profiles, which are named Standard, Pattern A and Pattern B.

What about other pumps. I would be very thankful if someone could supply this data for Animas, Roche/Disetronic, Dana, Omnipod and Cozmo...

Thank you for your help.


By profiles do you mean basal patterns?

If so, the CoZmo pump has four of these "profiles" that are customizable, and can be renamed.

But you might want to take the CoZmo off the list because it's being discontinued.  *sob*

Hi Joey !

Yes I meant Basal paterns...

As for Cozmo beeing discontinued... Pump will still be used for another 3-4 years (warranty)...

I don't plan to do import of data, but when manually adding data to software, you have option to specify which basal pattern you use. I have special table with current patterns, but I decided not to go directly with those entries, but just with names, so in case that someone added entry Profile (b. pattern) changed to "1", software wouldn't fail if Profile was not existent for that date/time in database, so now user selected Pump he uses, and he gets list of possible Patterns for selected pump...

Thanks for help... I still need data for Animas and OmniPod... So please people... help...


Andy, have you tried looking up the pumps on the manufacturer's web sites?  They pretty much all have mutilple basal profiles, and some-to-most of them have the capability to change the pattern names

for example (Animas home page)  http://www.animascorp.com/

Ping, yes; 2020, yes; IR1250, yes; IR1200, yes; IR100, yes.  ranging from 4 to 12 patterns (tho I fail to see why I would need 12 patterns=))

anyway it might be a little faster for you