Pump question/ advise?

So i'ver been wanting a pump for about three years and still haven't gotten one. i don't think my mom wants me to get one. i was supposed to go to the dr in march but didn't go and haven't been there since december. my mom hasn't made any other appointments. i wanted to get the omnipod but i can't cause it isnt covered in my insurance. i'm thinking about getting the medtronic mini med. i ride horses a lot and rodeo competively. would tubing get in the way? any advise about pumps? on working with my mom?

I have an omnipod and they worked directly with my insurance (aetna) to get me covered.  You should contact them before you discount them as a possible option for you.  I love mine and have been on it for 3+ years now.  I'd never go back to tubing after using it.

     If you can't get the Omnipod, you should look into the Animas One Touch Ping.  They are kinda comparable with the exception of the tubing difference.  The Omnipod you may be able to get approved.  Sometimes you just have to jump through more hoops to get what you want.  What kind of insurance are you dealing with?

the insurance is cover colorado. they only cover like one pump last i heard. but its been over a year. my dr requeested the omnipod and the insurance denied it

I have the minimed pump and know that they have  some stuff that you can get to hide your pump so the tubing wont "get in the way." The one problem with riding in a rodeo and having a pump is that if you fall you could hurt the pump. Now you could take it off when you are competing. It is just something to think about. As far as your mom I would sit down with her and tell her that this is what you want and that it will make you heathier. If that doesn't work have her sit down with your doctor and have your doctor explain what the benefits of a pump are. Also you need to go back and see your endo it's not good going 6 months in between visits.



     I just spoke with someone at cover colorado ins the benefits/ coverage dept and was told that the Omnipod could be covered.  So, if this is the pump you want you should get someone from Insulet corp. to check your particular coverage.  More information might be necessary to process your request.  I hope things work out in a good way for ya'.

thanks i'm hoping to have one by the end of summer.   and i am talking to my mom. i think she kinda wants it but she's not motivated to call and get appointments. it doesn't help that we live so far away from the endo. but she set up an appointment for next month i think.

Rodeo star, do you ride or own horses? I do and my sister has one and I have one!