Pump question regarding the screen

I have just had my pump going 4 days now, I noticed for the first time today that the screen looked funny in the light, it had a rainbow color to it and I thought something was wrong with the pump, I am still not convinced that  it is all okay, but I called medtronics and they said that was normal due to the lcd screen. Has anyone else noticed this? please look at your pump and see if you see the rainbow effect on the screen and let me know? This cost way too much for something to be going wrong and when I buy something it bothers me when all is not perfect.



it's like a slight tint, kind of like an oily rainbow on your driveway?

yes and it is really bugging me it is more purple than  any other color, I don't see it if I am not in sunlight, do you think anything is wrong with it?

Mine does that too i think it should be ok

it's normal. it's okay. that's how it's supposed to be!  you have your own personal rainbow to carry around in your pocket...how cool is that!?!?!

My screen does that when I'm in the sun and sometimes in the light but it hasn't recently. if you leave your pump in the bathroom on the counter when you shower the heat will also make it look rainbowish. It is normal don't panic.

Thanks everyone! I feel better now that I know I have my own personal rainbow that is cool. I also did leave my pump on the counter when I took a shower. Now I know it will stay out of the bathroom. I will also look forward to my rainbow in the sunshine. It makes me feel better to know my new pump is not damaged. Thanks alot.

our pleasure, Lavonda!