Pump question

i have the medtronic mini-med which i started on thursday. i have a circle tht isn't filled in and it wont go away. what does it mean. i think it might have something to do with my reservoir being low


do you have your pump user manual? an open circle means:

*you have chosen to go on a different basal pattern (I don't know if you have seen this yet but you can actually program 3 different 24-hour basal patterns into your pump),

*or it could mean you are on a temporary increased or decreased basal,

*or it could mean you have a low reservoir. but if you have a low reservoir, a notice should be on the status screen (press ESC to get to status screen). But when you put a new, refilled reservoir in, and go through the "take out low reservoir-->rewind-->put in new reservoir-->manual prime-->insert new or site or just reconnect to same site-->do a fixed prime(to get insulin in the cannula)" process, the circle should fill in during the rewind, and then go away completely after you do the fixed prime.

CHECK THE MANUAL!! if you can't figure it out CALL Minimed! It does not mean you are not getting insulin (that would be a filled in circle) but still you should get it figured out. Call now, they probably aren't very busy. The number is on the back of your pump.

my mom put my box somewhere but thank u so so so much. then it is my low reservoir cuz my status screen says tht. u r my hero!!!!! i have 7.4 units remaining in my pump and its decreasing.

Good! Glad you figured it out. Always check the status screen to see what's up, it will tell you if anything is out of the ordinary (hence the name STATUS haha).

Yeah so you should go refill your reservoir now, and change your site too if it has been in for 3 days.

And just by the way, you can go to UTILITIES then Alarm then down to Low Resv Warning and adjust how many units you want it to alert you at. Like, mine is set at 20 units, so if it gets less than 20 in the res, it goes Beep BEEP Beep and the open circle appears. But you can do it by # of units, or time (like how many hours worth of insulin you have left, provided you don't bolus, it is all basal). But I think # of units is best.

Anyway...have fun refilling :)