Pump Repair

I don't remember seeing this question before but has anyone had to send their pump in for repair and what was the repair for. Also, what did you do in the meantime.??

i had to send mine (minimed) back because the screen cracked. i sent it and it was overnight (just about) and i always have lantus in the house and was on shots.

I don't know why I'm answering this ques b/c I'm on MDI, lol. But, when I was on the pump, they told me to always keep back up insulin pens on hand for this kind of thing. I was only on the pump for 6 months, so my old pens didn't expire...( I actually did use them once when I got off a plane and could only get my BG down to 400 from 500. One of my scariest D moments!)

WHile I have not done it, when we were at pump start 3 weeks ago, they told us that the pump mfg will either send you a temp replacement pump (overnight) and then you can send yours back and return the replacement when you get your repaired/replaced one back. Depending on what broke on your pump, you might need to go back to shots immediately, before a replacement can be sent, so you need to have syringes at home/with you. OUr clinic said that if we were traveling and only had our Novolog, that even if our son had to go 24 hours with no Levemir or Lantus that it would be OK. Just check more and probably do more corrections because of no basal insulin.

I have a minimed and have been on a minimed for probably 11? years.  No longer.  I don't know how long, but have had to send in at least three for replacement.  Only once did my pump just completely fail.  That time, if I remember right, I used frequent shots of humalog equivalent to my basal rate once every other hour, I think.  I got a replacement pump by FedEx the next day.  When the pump was working but either strangely or had a glitch, I'd call minimed, they'd send a replacement, and then I'd send the glitchy one in.  Sometimes, I'd feel guilty, because I didn't think it was that big a deal.  I am appreciative of the policy!

what most companies do is send you an insulin pump to use while you are waiting for your other one to be repaired. if your pump is truly broken and you can't wait for a replacement to arrive, you temporarily go back to MDI.  i've sent pumps in for repair several times, but have only had to go back to MDI once in over 10 years. most of the time it's for simple things like a scratch on the screen, lead screw won't turn, buttons can't be pushed...

as long as you have extra insulin on hand (i had to get an emergency script from my endo for lantus), you will be fine without your pump. as long as you know how to take care of your D with AND without a pump, if your pump breaks it won't be a big deal.