Pump reviews? Omnipod, Medtronic Minimed, Animas Ping

I asked my doctor about the pump at my appointment today.  I previously hadn't been interested in pumping due to several concerns, but I think I'm ready now.  The clinic I attend recommends the:

  • Omnipod
  • Medtronic Paradigm Minimed
  • Animas OneTouch Ping

Has anyone used these?  What can you tell me about them?

Hi Sally! You'll find plenty of experiences already written out by searching on this site - try the Groups section for specific pumps, or do a Google search by "blogs" for each type of pump. TuDiabetes.org also has a great community of pump users who talk about what they like/don't like.

Each of those has pros and cons - it just depends on what features are most important to you, and what will fit in your lifestyle the best. :)


Kim's right - there is a lot of information scattered about these pages.  I will also add that Medtronics and Animas are likely to have local reps who can set you up with a saline trial so you can get the feel of what is like to wear the unit, deliver a bolus (albeit a fake one) and  live with the pump for  a few days.  Omnipod is willing to send a blank pod - and has a computer version of their controller - you can at least get an idea how the controls work and what it feels like to wear the pods.

As you play with them, review the differences and get a feel for the pumps we can certainly help answer questions that may come up.  I've worn the Omnipod and I'm currently on the Ping and I'd take either over MDI....

Good luck and keep us posted!



My son has been using OmniPod for over 4 years. We can't compare it to anything else as OP is the only pump he's used, but here's an overview I wrote up:


Uh - oh - that didn't work. You can otherwise search "OmniPod" on thisiscaleb.wordpress.com

I use omnipod. I love it. It's a little bulky, but there is no tubing. I used to be on a pump that had tubing and it would always get caught or I would yank out the site because of the pump not being able to be secured well when I worked out. If you get a pump with tubing I would recommend making pockets. I like the omnipod because the tester is all in one with the pump and its waterproof. I am a swimmer so instead of not having insulin, I can have a temp basal for when I swim. If you aren't sure, I would do a trial on each and see what you like. I know that omnipod will meet you somewhere and have you try it with saline to see if you like it. I hope this helps.

i have had the medronic minimed pump for 7 years and no problems at all it even lasted when i accedentally jumped into the pool without dissconnecting :) the tubing doesnt ever get into the way because i just tuck the extra tubing into the waistband of my pants, i personally think it is more concealed than the omnipod but ask if you have any questions