Pump site dilemma

Been pumping for 14 years mostly with a 90 degree 9mm site (sof set, quick set, inset) and now I am having horrible times getting good absorption with them. (I rotate sites well between butt and tummy, but the insets have just stopped working) I have switched to the angled sets (17mm) for now, but am wondering about the steel sets and if they would be better. Those long needles are a pain. I only know little kids that use them, and wonder how they would be. Anyone out there use them and like them?


the steel sets (sure T for example) are also used by people who have issues with teflon cannula occlusion - my niece for one, and she's 20.  the steel sets are very relaible for those people.  if the probelm is more due to scarring, your best bet is to use different sites.

It doesn't seem like I have too much scarring. I rotate as much as I can, but the leg sites just don't work. Can the steel needle be felt while its in? That's the only thing that weirds me out about the steel sites.

I heard second hand that you can't feel them.  My niece preferres them.  I never used them though.  Why not get a few "samples" and just try it.  MM will send samples for free.