Pump Site Keeps Coming Out

When my son sweats during the summer months his site seems to fall out very easily.  We are going through supplies like crazy.

Needless to say, this causes so much frustration for my 15 year old who is basically very independent in managing his own diabetes.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might help keep the site in better.  The protective barrier wipes aren't doing the trick. 

We have a beach day planned tomorrow and I'm hoping to get some feedback.

Thanks much,

Barbara N.

The only thing I can suggest is to contact the sales rep of the pump you have they may have a solution.

A really good way of dealing with sweaty kids and sites is to have him apply Arrid extra dry aerosol spray to the site area before cleaning his skin with IV prep. The prep will clean the area that has been sprayed but he will have lasting effects of the spray.  Another good product is micropore tape (sold at home health supply stores).  My son farms and both of these solutions work well for him. Good luck.

Thank you so much for your reply.  That's exactly what I did.  They suggested a 3m dressing that may hold better than what he has now.

This is so very helpful to me.  I will look into everything you suggested.

I am new to Juvenation and so it's really nice to be able to share all of this great information.

Thank you so much.