Pump site problems!

Okay so, last year at school, I as walking along between classes, had my pump tube hanging out (whoops!), and long story short it snagged on the doorknob and ripped out my set...

I thought it was bad enough that i had to go to the health office and change my set during school, but then of course i went back to class and all these questions were being thrown at me.

i dont usually mind answering questions about my diabetes, but when you're sitting in class and all the other students are interogating you, its kinda frustrating!


Well anyways, i was just wondering if anyone else has ever had that happen to them...


My sites have been yanked, prodded, pulled, torked, scrutanized and stared at. But the only time I've managed to pull one out was a night I was relaxing in pj's without pockets and didn't realize it when I stood up. The pump flew across the room, and that was the end of that site.

Is this the only time it's happened to you? Hoping so! I know it doesn't feel good to get them yanked :) My "favorite" is when friends accidentely elbow you in the CGM site... I swear nothing hurts more than that. Really.

Next time, should there be one and should you be attacked with questions again, just smile and say you had some stuff to take care of. Then you can pick and choose who you actually tell instead of having to announce it to a room of curious classmates. But they only ask because they care and want to make sure you're alright :) It's a nice gesture, something genuine. For real. But I can see how that could be annoying!

Yeah its happened to me more than once. I think the most common issue is when i don't have pockets and i accidentally drop my pump! but ive gotten better about it now. (and i know what you mean about the elbowing thing!!! LOL)

Well thanks for the advice and ...stuff

Like I said it's never ripped out, and I apologise that I'm not more help than this :) But my tubing (that sounds funny!) is often hanging out of my pocket I suppose because I wear a pump like a trophey :) Just kidding, I just don't keep tabs on is it sticking out, is it in my pocket... It is where it is. Usually. But because of that, it gets caught everywhere! Door handles, yes, car doors, backpacks, friends... perhaps I should pay more attention to that :)

LOL you sound just like me!I remember when i was first getting my pump and i had to meet with a pump trainer periodically. I remember her always yelling at me for having my "tubing" out.  and about that friends thing. just the other day i was sitting next to my friend and my tube got stuck on his hand. it was hilarious :]

Know what I hate? This sounds ridiculous, probably because it is, and I feel absaloutely ridiculous as well every time it happens - but I can't stand when my tubing gets caught on my pants. Which sounds weird. But I hate if I get it tangled around my belt, or through the, yes, button hole :D I guess I'm kind of clutzy with that, but. There are some days where I'm high, can't figure it out, and then realize it's because I buckled my belt over the tube or something.

Oh. And those strange knots that appear during school, sleep, and long car drives? My d-friends and I call it the Knot Genie. But those are annoying, too.

haha it does not sound ridiculous at all! it happens to me soo often, especially around the button! and then i feel dumb when i complain to my friends and they tell me that its a very small problem and i make it too dramatic. but they dont realize how frustrating it is!